Advantages of Ice Maker for Shops

The ice maker is equipment that can be found in bars, restaurants, hotels, fruit shops and in fish shops to produce ice and cool drinks, food or bottles. Before going on to know what are the advantages of an ice maker, it is necessary to know the process of ice formation, the types of cubes and their characteristics.

Ice is the solid variant of water; it becomes an ingredient in the preparation of cocktails or an indispensable element for the conservation of food in the kitchen. Water must be of maximum purity to meet transparency requirements and give ice the quality of an ingredient, but this is not enough, there are processes in ice production that also depend on the type of machine chosen. In view of this, the advantages of having an ice maker in a store are the following:

  • Fast and continuous ice production and storage
  • They produce different types of cubes, depending on the needs of the trade
  • Efficient, right-sized equipment even for small businesses

What is the advantage of an ice maker in bars and restaurants?

Bars are the quintessential venues for selling many types of beverages, and many of these drinks require ice as an ingredient in their preparation. And the thing is that ice and its shape, in addition to imparting that cold to the drink that pleases the person, can also introduce water, which can modify the taste of the drink by dilution effect, so the size of the ice matters. There are even drinks that merit completely translucent ice. The most common types of ice produced by an ice maker are:

  • Solid Cube
  • Empty Cube
  • Granulated ice
  • Flaking ice

For example, if a customer orders a whiskey on the rocks, it will be a drink with a generous volume of liquor and a few pieces of ice; in this case if using ice, it will melt very quickly and lower the alcoholic strength and taste of the drink. Other drinks like a summer red or those that carry a portion of sparkling wine go well with this type of ice. On the other hand, some drinks made with fruits are served with a portion of ice cream (frappรฉ) to give the sensation of an ice cream, on a hot summer afternoon.

In restaurants the situation is similar, except that, being a more family business, it is usual to serve various types of drinks for the accompaniment of the meal. For example, a soda with ice or a glass with ice to serve water, or a fruit-flavored hail. Guests are likely to be provided with a bucket of ice to help themselves.

Why is an ice maker convenient in a hotel?

Guests at hotels usually request room service, such as a juice, a drink or a bottle of a drink and ice, of course. Therefore, it is always appropriate to have a source of ice to meet the demand of the guests; and as these can request ice at any time, the ice maker will always have it available. In other cases, this equipment can be located at strategic points in the place, so that the person looks for the ice himself.

When some of the hotel’s lounges are arranged for some kind of event, it is very likely that to meet a significant demand for guests requires a lot of ice, so an ice maker is ideal to meet the expectations of refreshing and cold drinks for the attendees. There are teams with different production volume, and what it is about is the purchase of the right one.

What is the usefulness of ice-making machines in a fish shop?

One of the applications of ice is in the conservation of food, such as meat and fish. In this sense, fish and shellfish, which need to be kept cold with ice to prolong the freezing with which they already come, as long as the final consumer acquires them. In this case, the ice machine provides the ice in sufficient quantity to sell or move the food to its destination.

Why buy an ice maker from Kalstein?

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