Scales are laboratory equipment that require regular maintenance to maintain them in the best operating conditions. All this in order to ensure the preservation of its characteristics. One of the main advantages is that reliable measurements can be obtained, accurate weighing processes that guarantee the reliability of the operations or final products for which measurement is required.

Another advantage of calibrating scales is the detection of aging equipment. The deterioration of equipment is completely normal and results from the continued use of the scales and their exposure to certain environments, which in sum damages their accuracy levels.

Types of Balances a Laboratory may need

Analytical Balances

Scales are laboratory equipment that require regular maintenance to maintain them in the best operating conditions.  All this in order to ensure the preservation of its characteristics:

To ensure the correct operation of a balance it is necessary to calibrate it during its first installation. And it should be the first of successive periodic calibrations as determined by the balance manufacturer. Calibration is one of the most important aspects to attend to when performing maintenance and is designed to ensure that the results that are produced when weighing are accurate and reliable Calibrations, both in mechanical and electronic scales, are carried out using standard weights. These weights have a known exact mass and should always match the measurement.

Precision Balance

A scale is an instrument that measures the mass of a specific body, giving very accurate data on its weight. Among the many models available, the balance of precision stands out, which has a high power of rigor, since with it you can obtain a great precision.

Accuracy refers to the number of decimal places used to express what is measured, while accuracy indicates the degree of approximation between the measured value and the actual value to be measured. On the other hand, if we refer to a series of measurements, the accuracy is the degree of grouping or repeatability of the measured values or dispersion of the results, while the accuracy represents the degree of approximation between the mean of the measured values and the real value.


In Kalstein you can find the ideal Balances for your Laboratory

There are countless models, so it's normal that you don't know what Balance to buy to meet your needs. At Kalstein, we evaluate you to find what you're looking for.

Precision Balance YR05594 // YR05599

LCD/AC and DC power supply Tare function/Counting/Unit conversion (g/ct/oz) Min weighing set...


Analytical Balance YR05584 // YR05587

LCD/AC and DC power supply Tare function/Counting/Unit conversion(g/ct/oz) Min weighing set...


Precision Balance YR05600 // YR05602

Large range and high precision/Aluminum shell LED(Green) / LCD Tare function/Counting Overload Alarm...


Multifunction Weighing Scale YR05620 // YR05622

Appearance design and utility model access to patents 7 inch touch screen Large range and high precision.........


Our best-selling Balance

  • Internai auto calibration(FA-EN)
  • Electromagnetic force sensor
  • LCD(White back light with black font)
  • Tare function/Counting/Unit conversion
  • Sensitivity/Speed set/Percentage
  • Density function
  • Accumulation function/peak hold/Upper and lower set
  • Dynamic weighing /Net and Gross/Clock function(optional)
  • Print function(baud rate setting,Continuous communication or press communication)
  • Calibration time setting
  • Overload alarm/Fault alarm/Level indicator
  • Option:Density kit (solid/liquid)/RS485/USB/printer

Analysis of the best Balances for your Laboratory

Development of antibiotics with the Analytical Balance for Lyme disease

Lyme disease is a Borrelia burgdorferi infection with possible manifestations in the skin, nervous system...


Development of hydrogel for the conservation of vaccines with the use of the Balance

The refrigeration needs of some vaccines and other medical substances cost billions, and huge amounts of those substances...


Common errors when using an electronic balance
- Kalstein

Electronic Scales are high value measuring equipment for chemical, analytical and formulation operations in quality...


Care and proper use of the scales
- Laboratory

Balances are instruments used to measure the mass of a body or substance or also the weight of the same. Its origins...


Catalog of models of Balances on offer


Guides to becoming an expert in Balances

Balances equipment are essential products in a Laboratory, we provide guides and recommendations for better use, so you can work as an expert.

How to correctly use an Analytical Balance?

The Scale is a device that measures the mass of a specific body, giving accurate data on its weight. Among the many existing...

Do you know how an Analytical scale works?

The Scale is a Laboratory instrument It measures the mass of a body or chemical, using as a means of comparison the force...

What should you consider when using a Scale?

The Balance is used to measure the mass of a body or substance or also the weight thereof; since there is a well-defined relationship...

Why is it recommended to calibrate the Analytical Balances periodically?

Calibration is a quantitative comparison used to verify the measurement result of a balance by taking a reference standard weight. To determine whether the balance...

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