Care when using an anesthetic machine?

The anesthesia machine is one of the most used medical devices in health centers, so its care and handling are expendable for both health experts and engineers in charge in various areas of medical care. These machines provide continuous and accurate medical gas. The gas is transmitted to patients with a safe flow and pressure to certify a uniform anesthesia.ย 

Modern anesthesia machines include a suction unit, a ventilator and patient monitoring devices. Therefore, all medical personnel involved in its use must apply a series of rules to handle the corresponding medical equipmentย 

Preventive Maintenance of the Anesthetic Machine

It is based on reducing the possible failures of the equipment, through certain procedures, composed by the identification of the cleaning, arrangement, calibration, oiling, and parts of the equipment, as this way avoid setbacks that could cost both economically and by affecting doctors or patients.ย 

In this sense, we must consider the anesthesia machines, whose use is necessary in the execution of interventions, that through the supply of anesthetic gases, implies a high risk and therefore, it must be ensured the correct functioning, providing safety to patients.

In this way, maintenance should be done by means of review routines to verify the correct use, which promotes safety and fitness for activities without any kind of mishap, and to have knowledge of the elements to be examined in a specific way, noting this.

In general, the task of maintaining an anesthetic machine involves reviewing, among other things:

  • Ensure the stability of the assemblies and supports of the machine
  • Replace any damage caused by the power cables with a new one if applicable.
  • Ensure conditions of pipes and hoses, making sure there are leaks.
  • Check the operation of sensors and transducers to prevent future failures.
  • Revalidate the operation of the display lights and indicators in the unit.

It is a reality, that use causes things to wear out to a greater or lesser extent, and over time, for a machine to be safe, it must be provided maintenance with replacements, cleanings, etc.ย 

Recommendations for Optimizing the Anesthetic Machine

To ensure the proper operation of the anesthesia machine, the proper condition of all necessary accessories for the application, monitoring and use of the anesthesia system must be ensured.ย 

In this particular, it has much to do with the functions performed by the anesthesiologist, since it plays a very important role in the prevention of this type of maintenance, by performing the cleaning and sterilization of the parts that compose it, in an orderly and precise way of the anesthesia machine, giving each material the most appropriate treatment, since these tasks are two activities closely linked to the practice of the same.

Considering the possibility of transmission of infectious diseases, when the maintenance of the anesthesia machine is not preserved, direct contamination of the patient through its secretions or by contagion through these equipment can occur, therefore instrumentation is of vital importance the cleaning and disinfection of the anesthesiological equipment.ย 

Anesthesia machines in Spain

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