Discovering Electrosurgical Units in Veterinary Medicine: Types, Manufacturers and Prices

Electrosurgical Units have revolutionized veterinary medical practice. These devices, capable of cutting and coagulating tissues through electrical currents, offer greater precision and safety in surgical procedures. Thus, they have become indispensable for any contemporary veterinary practice.

Their basis lies in the use of electricity. The current of this power passes through the animal’s body, causing precise cuts and instant coagulation, without thermal damage to the surrounding tissues. This ensures minimally invasive surgery, reducing the possibility of postoperative infections.

Predominant Manufacturers: The role of Kalstein

No one can talk about electrosurgical units without mentioning Kalstein, one of the most prestigious manufacturers in this field. The company is recognized for producing high-quality, high-performance Electrosurgical Units, thus offering the veterinarian an indispensable tool to carry out their surgical interventions with the utmost safety and precision.

Kalstein has stood out for its constant innovation, adapting its models of electrosurgical units to the changing needs of the veterinary market. Their equipment presents a user-friendly interface, with intuitive and flexible power adjustments, guaranteeing an optimized operating experience.

Types of Electrosurgical Units

The types of electrosurgical units vary depending on the modality of the energy used and the characteristics of the operation. Monopolar and bipolar devices are the most common:

  • Monopolar Electrosurgical Units use a single probe connected to the animal’s body, ideal for precise cuts.
  • On the other hand, Bipolar Electrosurgical Units, which use two probes, are excellent for quick and effective coagulations.

In addition, there are plasma argon and radiofrequency electrosurgical units. The former are ideal for hemostasis procedures, while the latter are commonly used to treat dermatological conditions. Each type has its peculiarity, and its choice depends on the needs and preferences of the veterinary professional.

Prices, Purchase, and Sale of Electrosurgical Units

The price of electrosurgical units can vary depending on several variables such as the manufacturer, the type, and specific features of the device. Despite this, the investment in an Electrosurgical Unit is fully justified by the benefits it provides in terms of surgical efficacy and safety.

The purchase of these units is a smart investment, offering a high return for the benefit of animal health and welfare. Some specialized stores or online suppliers even offer financing options or discounts on the purchase of these devices.

The sale of electrosurgical units is a lucrative area of the veterinary market due to its importance in clinical and surgical practice. Manufacturers like Kalstein have a global presence, providing high-quality devices to veterinarians around the world.

In conclusion, electrosurgical units are an essential component in any modern veterinary clinic, providing a high level of efficacy and safety in surgical procedures. Whether for the purchase or sale of these devices, Kalstein emerges as one of the leaders in the market, offering high-quality devices at competitive and accessible prices.

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