Equipping laboratories with gel systems

Medicine is increasingly advancing at a dizzying pace, which is why laboratories are investing a large part of their resources in heavy equipment, robotic lines with advanced equipment and the latest systems. With this, laboratories are in search of more and more modern tools to offer results of optimum quality and safety; in the midst of this evolution, the newest technology for laboratories is the gel system.

The technique based on capillary separation is ideal for the analysis of nucleic acids and their diagnosis, generating efficiency for customers

A gel system can help laboratories achieve more accurate analysis of nucleic acids, which maximizes the speed of results and simplifies the identification process.

Since time is of the essence in laboratories, having equipment such as a gel system significantly reduces waiting times to get results and present them to the customer quickly; gel systems separate and detect biomolecules by means of a weak flow of electricity.

Manuals with parameters that guarantee accurate results should be used to operate the gel systems

This allows the electrodes within the gel tray to transport the components safely through the clinical environment; automated equipment is usually used to control all process parameters and ensure accurate results.

One of the most important points when evaluating a gel system is the risk of contamination of nucleic acids; this is because gel systems rely on manuals to achieve results, usually to program parameters or follow separation patterns.

Advantages of using gel systems in laboratories

On the other hand; manufacturers design these equipments to maintain an adequate treatment of nucleic acids, minimizing the risks of contamination; another advantage of having a gel system is its versatility for the identification and analysis of the components.

Gel trays can even be used for separation of components with varying gradients, allowing scientists to test different scales of separation; this flexibility is ideal in laboratories working with sources of biological variability.

Specialists must make the decision to acquire the gel system in their laboratories to provide their customers with the best results in the analyses performed

In conclusion; a gel system allows laboratories to have accurate and fast results prior to delivery; the use of the right equipment is essential for the provision of good services.

Therefore, it is essential that laboratories invest in modern equipment, such as the gel system, to provide accurate, safe and effective results.

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