Flake Ice Machine: Is it important in the lab?

The flake ice machine is equipment that has as main objective to produce flake ice in large quantities for disposal in any area or procedure required within the laboratory. These flake ice machines are used to increase the efficiency of ice production, quickly providing large amounts of this element for various procedures carried out in a laboratory.

Flake ice has unique and very specific characteristics, which make it an essential element in a laboratory. For example, it cools faster than any other type of ice, it is a dry and sub-cooled ice, small, available in different forms, that has more ability to cool products and conserve them for longer periods of time, compared to ice cubes.

Basic characteristics of a flake ice machine

  • It has switches and function button for control and operation.
  • It has a long service life.
  • It is made of non-corrosive steels.
  • It has automated control.
  • Most have a screen that projects indications such as: ice filling in the storage space, water shortage, failures in the manufacturing process, among others.
  • The computer is certified.
  • They are usually small and compact equipment. So it requires less space than block ice machines.
  • It allows ice making on demand, because it produces ice almost immediately after starting the machine.

How does the flake ice machine work?

For the operation of a flake ice machine, first, the source of water to be used and its continuous supply to the machine must be taken into account, in laboratories the machine is usually connected to a source of purified water since the ice to be produced must be ideal for testing and without contaminants. It is important to emphasize that fresh water promotes the freezing of ice, and the purity of it is a decisive factor of the time of freezing of the same.

Flaking ice is produced by pouring water onto a refrigerated surface that is shaped like a cylinder. The water is frozen on the surface in thin layers with a thickness of approximately 2 to 3 mm, then a blade removes the subcooled ice, which is fragmented into small pieces and fall into a refrigerated compartment where they are stored for later application.

Benefits of using flaking ice in the laboratory

  • This type of ice facilitates greater heat exchange, unlike other types of ice.
  • Its storage and use is optimal because it occupies a smaller volume.
  • It has the ability to extract more heat from other ice products.
  • It is available for immediate use after production.
  • With this type of ice, it is possible to cover areas that include all the product throughout the day and with less amount of ice.
  • It can infiltrate into small spaces with fast cooling capacity and good effect ice bath.
  • It is used to keep samples and reagents cold during experiments or other laboratory work.

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  • High quality stainless steel is used anti-corrosive and durable. The compact structure is simple and space-saving.
  • The cabinet is filled with fluoride-free thermal foam with good insulation effect. The inner lining is food grade plastic. They save energy and are environmentally friendly.
  • The ice making process is completely computer controlled, using imported computer chips to make the control reliable and work easily.
  • Advanced technologies and imported accessories make noise low, smooth and reliable operation. Ventilation holes and fans are deployed to ensure that the reducing motor functions in a formable manner.
  • Fully automatic operation with full ice screen, water shortage screen, operating screen and malfunction warning screen, etc. They will stop automatically in case of ice or water shortage and start automatically when ice is not full or water supply is restored.
  • Flake ice cools faster than other forms of ice, which can infiltrate a narrow space, with a rapid cooling speed, good ice bath effect.
  • Long-term performance tests and electrical safety tests are performed before shipment, ensuring excellent product performance.

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