Guide to Use and Recommendations for Veterinary Capnographs: The crucial role of Kalstein

Veterinary capnographs are high-tech medical devices that measure the partial pressure of carbon dioxide exhaled by the animal during surgery. They essentially function as “breath guardians”, helping veterinarians monitor a patient’s respiration and metabolism. Additionally, they can detect any respiratory issues that may cause complications during the operation.

Kalstein, a leading manufacturer of veterinary medical devices, has revolutionized the way these devices function. Thanks to their commitment to innovation and quality, the capnographs they produce are not only reliable and accurate, but also affordable in terms of pricing.

The Acquisition Process of Veterinary Capnographs

Purchasing a veterinary capnograph is a significant investment for any veterinary clinic or hospital. Therefore, it is essential to select a model that guarantees optimum performance and a prolonged lifespan. This is where Kalstein, as a manufacturer, stands out. They offer different models of veterinary capnographs to suit each customer’s needs and budget.

Selling these devices can also be an efficient process. Many suppliers offer online services to make the process of selling veterinary capnographs simpler. All you need to do is choose the model and make the purchase. The device will be sent directly to your clinic’s door.

Usage Recommendations for Veterinary Capnographs

For a successful operation of the veterinary capnograph, it is imperative to follow some recommendations. First, it is vital to consider the patient’s size. Kalstein’s capnographs are designed to be used on a variety of animal sizes, from small cats to large horses.

Additionally, make sure the sensor is well attached to the endotracheal tube to get an accurate reading. Lastly, it’s important to conduct regular maintenance of the equipment to maintain its effectiveness. Regular calibration, sensor cleaning and replacement of worn parts will ensure the capnograph functions properly.

Kalstein’s Competitive Advantage in Manufacturing Veterinary Capnographs

Kalstein, as a manufacturer, has proven to be a key player in the veterinary medical equipment industry. They offer high-quality products at competitive prices, which have helped their customers consolidate the acquisition of durable and efficient veterinary equipment.

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