How are muffles used in the manufacture of chemicals?

The muffle is an instrument used for the smelting of metals and for the cooking of materials through the use of thermal energy. There is a large amount of laboratory equipment used for this purpose, however, the choice of one over the other is given according to the needs of the employer. One of these equipment is the muffle, which has the ability to work at high temperatures. The field in which this apparatus is mostly used is in chemistry.

Muffles are heating equipment that have the capacity to achieve temperatures above 200 ยฐC, perfect for carbonization or drying of samples precipitates and for heat disinfection. In addition, they are used for sewing ceramic materials and dissolving metals. Because they’re made of a refractory material, they’re able to get these kinds of temperatures to develop in it. The use of the muffle in chemistry laboratories can bring certain risks to the operator, that is why it is necessary to carry out a series of protective measures to reduce the risk of them and not compromise the efficiency or the functioning of the muffle within the laboratory.


The muffle, is a laboratory equipment that is composed of different elements that allow it to function properly, these are, an internal cabinet, a backdoor, an external cabinet, temperature controllers and a control panel. All muffles have by default these parts, however, different types of muffles can be found according to the needs of the operator.ย  Among the mufflers on the market are electric and fuel mufflers.

The muffle is a closed chamber of high temperature, fundamental for the elaboration and baking of ceramic pieces and other purposes within the laboratory. This chamber contains a viewing hole and a roof where a hole is located that gives the gases out of the chamber. It also has a control mechanism that allows the temperature increase to be regulated progressively.

Muffles in the manufacture of chemicals

The muffle is an indispensable oven for laboratory procedures that require the use of high temperatures evenly distributed. This type of high temperature closed chamber is constructed of refractory insulation material resistant to temperatures of approximately 1700 ยฐC without being affected. In chemistry laboratories, muffle is mainly used for the execution of solid state reactions.

Some of the functions that the muffle has in the area of chemistry are specifically linked to the carrying out of tests of calcination, incineration of organic and inorganic samples and sterilization of ceramic or glass materials. For this reason, the muffle has an extensive application in the chemical industry, since thanks to it processes of baking, drying and annealing of materials of very varied physical and chemical compositions are made.

Characteristics of the muffle

The muffles are made of phenylene polysulfide reinforced with glass fiber. This design allows them to reach temperatures higher than 350 ยฐC where only special materials can be introduced to withstand high temperatures. Here, you can highlight some of the features of this computer:

  • Internal chamber: it is made of silica and aluminum, suitable to withstand high temperatures.
  • Heating elements: responsible for evenly distributing the temperature.
  • Thermocouple: is a sensor that shows the temperature in which the camera is.
  • Timer: to schedule the working time.
  • Temperature control: has analog controls.
  • Safety key: This allows the door to be kept closed and cuts off the power supply to lower the temperature.

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