How can the Rotary Evaporator be used to purify organic compounds?

At Kalstein we have the ideal rotary evaporator, commonly used in the laboratory to distil or purify liquids. Similarly, it can be used to distil pure organic compounds. It is a relatively simple equipment consisting of an evaporation chamber, a vacuum unit and a condenser.

The evaporation chamber is equipped with a heating plate and has an inlet for the liquid to be distilled. The vacuum unit is connected to the evaporation chamber and the condenser. The condenser is filled with cold water or ice and connected to the vacuum unit.

To distil an organic compound, the liquid is placed in the evaporation chamber and heat is applied through the heating plate. The liquid evaporates and steam is conducted through the vacuum unit to the condenser. In the condenser, the vapor is cooled and condensed into a pure liquid. The pure liquid is collected in a container.

Steps for Purifying Organic Compounds

The rotary evaporator is relatively simple equipment and can be found in most laboratories. It is an effective method for purifying organic compounds. It does not require the use of chemical solvents and allows precise temperature control. As a result, it is possible to distil organic compounds to a very high purity.

Follow these steps to distil an organic compound using a rotary evaporator:

Put the liquid to be distilled into the evaporation chamber.

  • Apply heat to the evaporation chamber to evaporate the liquid.
  • Steam shall be conducted through the vacuum unit to the condenser.
  • In the condenser, the vapor is cooled and condensed into a pure liquid.
  • The pure liquid is collected in a container.

In this sense, impurities in a sample of organic compound can be purified using a rotary evaporator by means of heat from a heat source, such as a ovens, to evaporate the organic compound. It is condensed into a collection bottle, leaving the impurities in the residue.

Rotary Evaporator Mechanisms

To use a rotary evaporator, you need a ovens, a water bucket, a vacuum pump, a hose, a control valve, a drain hose, and a collection bottle. Place the organic compound in the rotary evaporator and heat the ovens to the appropriate temperature. The vacuum pump then evacuates the air from the rotary evaporator and maintains a vacuum inside the appliance. The heat from the ovens causes the organic compound to evaporate, and the steam condenses into the collection bottle.

The purification yield depends on the purity of the original organic compound, the evaporation temperature and the evaporation time. Most organic compounds can be purified using a rotary evaporator.

The main application of the rotary evaporator is to purify organic compounds. Although it is simple, it is extremely useful and effective. Most rotary evaporators are able to purify organic compounds by 99.9%, which is more than enough for most applications. Rotary evaporators operate by applying heat, so that the organic compound evaporates.

Kalstein Rotary Evaporator

At Kalstein we are manufacturers of the Rotary Evaporators on the market and at the best prices, they correspond to the YR series. It has a wide range of main machine power supplies from 100 V to 240 V, 50/60 Hz. The PID controller ensures precise temperature control. Patented design structure, the inclination angle of the evaporation flask is adjustable.

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