How does a pathology lab work?

A pathology laboratory is a medical service responsible for processing samples from biopsies and cytologies by professionals specialized in the field, for subsequent microscopic examination, interpretation and diagnosis by a pathologist.

In other words, this specialized laboratory is primarily responsible for studying small or large samples of tissues or isolated cells (biopsies and cytologies). Generating reports and records of great clinical importance, which help other medical professionals to prescribe treatments, either medical or surgical.

What is the technical processing carried out in a pathology laboratory?

You should know that tissue processing refers to the set of technical procedures that allow tissues obtained through different techniques (endoscopy, needle punctures, among others) or from surgery can be evaluated microscopically. The tissues are first fixed in buffered neutral formalin so that they do not deteriorate, then they are dehydrated and included in a special wax called paraffin.

All this procedure allows specialized personnel (technicians) to make very thin sections of the samples (3-4 millimeters thick) through the use of a microtome, which in turn allows them to be analyzed under a microscope once they have been treated with a series of dyes that allow to increase the contrast and distinguish the different components of human tissues.

Function of a pathology laboratory

The pathology laboratory has as function to receive histological samples that can be analyzed for processing by qualified personnel and to issue an accurate and accurate diagnosis, in addition to providing a series of variables that will later constitute prognostic and predictive factors for the treatment of the disease.

Its basic function is to be able to meet the requirements of medical professionals in terms of histopathological analysis of the various tissues and the expression in them of the various diseases that affect humans. The procedures carried out within a pathology laboratory are grouped into two distinct phases: technical processing and diagnostic processing.

Diagnostic process carried out in a pathology laboratory

Once the processing of the sample is completed, it is already possible to perform the examination under a microscope of the tissue samples that must be interpreted by the pathologist taking into account the clinical data of the patient.

From the initial examination, a diagnosis can be obtained or in more complex situations, it is necessary to resort to the realization of other additional techniques that allow the identification of different cellular or extracellular components, such as histochemistry and immunohistochemistry, as well as molecular studies to identify alterations that help in the treatment of patients.

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