How does the Freezer Dryer work?

The food dryer is the type of electronic equipment that works with low temperatures, perfect to be applied in any type of food factory and other services, which require dry air without moisture. Freezing is a slow process where factories extract all aqueous solutions in various samples, placing in the spaces and trays containing these machines, where they are frozen and then extracted.

In this sense, the drying machines offered by Kalstein are easy to use and install, since they consume little energy and are sensitive to compressed air. It contains a cold compressor that works between 0ยฐC and +6ยฐC, where water is precipitated and automatically separates. The dryer ensures a dew point of +3ยฐC to 10ยฐC, sufficient to release condensation.

Freezer Dryer Mechanism

The food dryer cools at approximately 3ยฐC or 35ยฐC known as the dew point allowing moisture to condense. Comply with freezing cycles, where the amount of cold is essential. During processes, use an absorbent medium such as driven alumina and silica gel to remove moisture from the air and dry it. Has a dew point of about -20ยฐC or 4ยฐF.ย 

The process is performed according to the temperature levels and when it exceeds zero degrees, the valve of the chamber closes and increases the pressure to check that the product is completely dry. After a time, the spaces accomplish the drying processes continuously, and can be accomplished as follows:

  • Heat-free regeneration: Compressed air is used to dry the absorption medium, causing loss by 17 to 20%.
  • Heated regeneration: the blower mechanism uses atmospheric air reducing 7% of nature and the low dew point perfectly meets the air of the freezing point.ย 

As a result of these processes, the use of the food dryer is advantageous as it is easy to maintain and clean. They are versatile and meet the requirements for any sector.

Food Dryer Control System

The cooling system that controls the food dryer by means of precise temperature systems, there are several options for them to be installed in these drying systems, which can take into account the various existing equipment, but Kalstein has the ideal machinery, where the drying systems get the humidity less than 2% on the total surface of the product.

Thus, the Kalstein brand control system of the Food Freezer Dryer offers exceptional flexibility and interface, as well as precise and reliable control of each freeze drying process. It includes the following features:ย 

  • Precise temperature management by levels.
  • Vacuum control and cooling plant for both drying, freezing and sterilization.
  • Safety tactics to ensure the sample does not become damaged.
  • Alarm indication system so that the user works with confidence and complies with the process parameters.
  • Data recording for studies and tests.

Kalstein brand food freezer dryer

We at Kalstein, offer our customers the best equipment with the best technology in all industrial sectors, giving our users an excellent experience. The food freezer dryer is the basis for expanding our knowledge as manufacturers and offering a quality product for our demanding customers, to a market in progress of services in dry and pre-cooked foods without losing their taste, texture and aroma. They are machines made with excellent quality of stainless steel. Maintenance is easy, they are easy to use and do not require electrical assistants to do their job. They save time, energy and cost. In addition, since they are airtight equipment, no bacterial organism will jeopardize the products. All the compartments are adapted for any user. Finally, they can only be convinced with the only and best quality that we will continue to expose and challenge for this.ย  It has many more important features that you can enjoy visiting our catalog.ย We are manufacturers and we have the best advice, so that your purchase is ideal and at excellent prices. HERE