How does the Recirculation Cooler work?

Recirculation chillers are ideal compressor-based equipment that provide exceptional utility and high reliability as well as quiet, easy-to-use work. It is made of stainless steel materials with anti-corrosion and anti-liquid pollution functions at low temperature. With the use of this equipment, tap water can be cooled in laboratory concentrations, based on mechanisms that provide performance and accuracy.

It should be noted that recirculation chillers have clean fluid filters to protect their application and increase the useful life of the equipment. It also has a grid that improves the performance of the cooler and maximizes the use of the device.

At Kalstein, we have the best equipment on the market, we have the recirculation chiller with the best technology and temperature control, thanks to the experience that characterizes us so that our customers improve in their applications of heating and cooling of liquids.

Operation of Recirculation Coolers

Recirculation chillers are equipment that works by agitating the air in a circuit within an impenetrable process to guard against pollutants present in the air, and avoid high-cost purification work. Air draws heat into the equipment and passes it through the recirculation cooler, then the cooler transfers heat from the air to the cooling agent. A container hermetically encloses cycle systems and directs recirculated air from the air discharge port to the air inlet of the equipment.

Recirculation chillers provide silent and efficient heat removal, providing positive cooling for shaft points above the low power environment. Thanks to the liquid-to-air and liquid-to-liquid cooling methods, the air flows through the heating system are met by the unit’s fan-cooled heat exchanger and the process is returned. On the other hand, the process of cooling from liquid to liquid, uses the water of your installation and it pumps through the module to remove the heat from its application without risking to be contaminated and to avoid the heat will depend on the temperature of the water of the installation.

Thus, recirculation chillers provide the following advantages

  • They are flexible, because they have options that help improve temperature control systems and adaptable to any requirement.
  • They are innovative, as it is a research and development team, focused on the design of new equipment, based on the opinions of users.
  • It has alarm systems that allow to protect the compressor times, the water flow and the temperature.
  • They are an economical solution to be applied in any industrial sector where the cooling temperature is usually higher than the ambient temperature.
  • Thanks to its size, it saves space.

Kalstein Brand Recirculation Cooler

Currently, in the market there are several medical and laboratory equipment, but none like ours in Kalstein, as manufacturers with more than 25 years of experience and countless satisfactory means worldwide, we collaborate with our customers to offer the best experience in knowing and buying highly technological equipment. We have the Recirculation Coolers belonging to the YR series, capable of meeting a working temperature range of -15 ~ 25ยฐC. Power supply is 220-240V~, 50/60Hz and cooling capacity is 400W.

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