How does the Vacuum ovens work in the Laboratory?

Vacuum ovens are laboratory units used for drying thermosensitive materials, whose temperature extension can eliminate the creation of bacteriological cells, or materials that oxidize under heating. The temperature regulation processes of these units are precise, and the drying mechanisms with turbo function, is shown in its splendor.

At the same time, they are extremely detailed units during the drying process, and by treating temperature-sensitive or oxygen-sensitive materials, ensures the heat regulation processes quickly and evenly.

In this way, the vacuum ovens that we have in Kalstein is applied for the manufacture of cosmetic products, food, electronic devices, books, watches, etc. The direct contact of the load of the thermos removable trays, guarantee drying uniformly. They are reliable, comfortable and high energy efficiency.

Functions of Vacuum ovens

Vacuum ovens pump control depending on use, provides significant service life. The energy potential is about 60% lower with constant vacuum value and the thermo adjustable trays separately and with direct heater provide the right and accurate temperature measurement, thanks to digital temperature control, the charge not only dries very quickly, but also the mode is extremely smooth. The set with the variable volume vacuum pump, forms a unique energy benefit. In addition to its significant depreciation of heating times and the practice of the mechanisms in the vacuum drying ovens.

During vacuum drying processes, large dust assemblies come into play with vacuum cycles, and our Kalstein team provides provisions of vacuum values between which coercion oscillates in a controlled manner. And the times are provided with high amounts of dry air to absorb the existing moisture, which will be defecated through the vacuum pump immediately. The spectrum for vacuum drying includes food, cosmetics, watches, books, electrical equipment or injection molds, etc.

Benefits of Use

Thanks to the intelligent heating provided by the vacuum ovens on the thermo trays by sensors, ensures the heating and processing times as short as possible. Also the vacuum ovens offers the following optimum advantages:

  • It’s automatic and simple.
  • Its use is exclusive of high quality
  • It is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  • Allows precise and homogeneous temperature control.
  • Thanks to its technology, it extracts moisture from food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc.
  • It is used for the production of fruit juices and concentrated milk based on vacuum concentration.
  • Remove air components that could cause physical or chemical reactions, such as oxidation.
  • Vacuum drying is ideal for circumstances where a solvent must be regenerated or where certain components have to evaporate to very low levels of moisture.

In this sense, the vacuum drying mechanism is of vital importance for the drying of thermally sensitive materials that are widely used in pharmaceutical and chemical industries, as well as in food products and biotechnology. The drying process can be estimated according to the physical contexts to increase heat and depose water vapor. Likewise, water vaporization decreases faster at low pressures, and heat is indirectly complemented by bonding with a metal wall or by radiation.

Vacuum ovens Brand Kalstein

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