How many types of laboratory centrifuges are there?

It is a device used in the processes of separation of sedimentation of the liquid and solid components of a sample, this device generates rotational movements and through centrifugal force accelerates the decantation or sedimentation of the components of the sample, according to their density, there are different types of centrifuges, which pursue the same objectives.

In laboratories, centrifuges produce a rotation at high speeds, separating by layers the different materials that make up the sample and that generates that the densest elements of it are deposited in the lower part of the container and the lightest ones are kept in the upper part of it; the relative force of centrifugation is measured in multiples of gravity, and that by its physical size cannot be represented in units.

Uses and applications of centrifuges in the laboratoryย 

Centrifuges are used in laboratories for research purposes, to separate certain parts of a cell or DNA, commonly used in molecular biology to perform blood tests, on the other hand, they are used for the production of fuel, where centrifuges separate the product from sediments; a very important application is the separation of Ukrainian 235 from uranium-238.

They also serve to quantify the degree of fat or cream contained in the milk, for the elaboration of olive oil, since they are introduced into the horizontal centrifuge, where the oil is separated from the rest of the components; widely used in control laboratories and factories where they make juices where they control the level of their pulp; they are used in laboratories where they separate plasma from blood serum; allowing the use of accessories for centrifuges according to the analysis or research required to make creams, butters, among other products.

Rotor centrifuge

This is the most common centrifuge there is, the rotor is where the sample is placed to be able to centrifuge; there are two types of rotor centrifuges that are used in laboratories:

รผ Fixed: they are used for large volumes, where the tubes are placed at a fixed angle with respect to the axis of rotation.

รผ Tilting: they are used for small volumes, and to separate particles of sedimentation coefficient equal or almost equal, the tubes are inside the hanging housing, attached to the rotor with an axis.

Types of laboratory centrifuges that exist

  • Analytical Centrifuges: it has a high cost and serve to obtain molecular data, sedimentation coefficient, among other investigations.
  • Preparative centrifuges – are used to isolate and purify samples; they are classified into four types:

รผ Tabletop: with microcentrifuge that reaches 12000 โ€“ 15000 rpm and the precipitate is obtained in a shorter time, and produces a sedimentation in about 500rpm.

รผ High capacity: they are very large equipment and are refrigerated, have a capacity of 4 to 6 liters, and reaches up to 6000rpm.

รผ High speed: they are large in size and reach a speed of 25000 rpm.

รผ Ultracentrifuge: they are cooled and reach up to 100 000 rpm.

These characteristics vary according to brand and manufacturer, there is also another type of classification based on other details such as: large, medium and small; or floor, tabletop, refrigerated; depending on the manufacturer they can be: macrocentrifuge, microcentrifuge and ultracentrifuge.

The ultracentrifuges are divided into analytical, which have an optical system that allows to observe in real time the sedimentation of the tests and at the same time obtain accurate data; and preparatives, which isolate particles containing low sedimentation coefficients.ย 

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