How to maintain the quality of the safety cabinet in the laboratory

The safety cabinet in a laboratory is one of the most important components to ensure a safe environment for laboratory workers, visitors and users; keeping the cabinet in perfect condition is paramount to avoid accidental exposure to harmful health agents, flammable material, as well as other hazards. 

Here are some simple but effective ways to keep up with the quality of the safety cabinet; it is important to regularly check the cabinet’s reversing and ventilation systems, including rental filters, air grilles, ducts and exhaust ducts. 

Proper maintenance of safety cabinets should be certified and comply with quality control standards

If there are signs of wear or obstruction in these parts, then maintenance and repair work should be carried out, if necessary; the maintenance work carried out should comply with international quality control standards. 

This ensures that the cabin ventilation and reversing systems are working properly to ensure a safe environment for the users; it is important to pay attention to the equipment stored in the cabin. 

It must be ensured that the cabinets are in perfect condition for use and will not cause any unwanted accidents

As the cabin is intended to store chemicals, flammable materials and other hazards, it is essential to monitor the condition of the equipment to ensure that it is in perfect working order. 

It is also important to carry out frequent measurements to check that the concentration of harmful agents present in the laboratory is within safe limits for users. 

Lighting; a key element for the proper functioning of the safety cabinet and safe results in the investigations

Likewise; it is important to take into account the lighting of the cabinet; this should provide sufficient clarity to allow safe handling of equipment and materials in the laboratory; poor lighting can be dangerous, especially if there is excessive use of fog panels or other irritating devices. 

Therefore, it is recommended to screen the cabinet lighting on a regular basis; hence, an adequate level of brightness is necessary to prevent any accidents. 

It is important to be aware of the emergency response mechanisms used in the safety cabinet for laboratories

These must be well defined to ensure an adequate and effective response to any emergency situation; as, it will ensure that the booth users are prepared to control any threat present in the environment; generally, there are alarms installed that are automatically activated when the presence of hazardous materials is detected in the booth. 

In summary; the quality of a laboratory safety cabinet should be a top priority, performing proper maintenance work, controlling the stored equipment and monitoring the cabinet lighting are some of the basic ways to maintain safety inside the cabinet. 

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