Ice maker: what technology do you use?

Before knowing the use of ice machines, the first thing you should know is what is ice pellets, this is nothing but small ice cubes, easy to chew, differs from conventional ice cubes, because these are very hard and difficult to chew. In the lab, some types of techniques require the use of ice baths in some of their steps, this is where the ice makers come in, an easy way to have this material when needed. They are mainly useful in laboratories where PCR is used and in microbiology.

The manufacturers of ice pellets are very useful equipment if you want to produce ice in large quantities for any procedure, whether in the laboratory or in another institution where you need to store samples or perform any procedure that requires the use of it. Its operation is based on the increase of ice production to supply large quantities of it.

Main characteristics of a manufacturer of ice pellets

Ice ice makers should have a number of features that make them useful and manageable at the site where they are to be used. In general, they must have an easy-to-handle interface, with controls and buttons to handle the equipment, in addition to this, they must be made of non-corrosive material.

They are usually small equipment and do not require as much space as ice block machines. They must have automated control and a display showing the indications. Any ice making machine must allow ice making at the user’s request, i.e. immediately after giving directions and putting the machine into operation.

Technology of ice makers

The technology of the ice maker is based on the use of a high pressure pump and a crusher. The water that is to be transformed into ice passes through a frozen metal coating, as a result of this, the water becomes ice columns in a period of about 1 minute, a very short time.

The columns are then crushed on top of the equipment, thanks to a stainless steel rotating arm, this causes the large columns to turn into small cubes or hail, then they are sent to the manufacturer’s freezer. Once the amount of ice requested by the user has been manufactured or when the freezer does not support a greater amount of ice, the sensor of the machine will stop the production of the same.

Ice makers need a water source, can be bottled or connected directly to a pipe, this option is better, as it allows a continuous flow of water and is easier to handle. The resulting ice can be used in a wide variety of fields, from laboratories to hospitals and kitchens. If sample cooling is required at your workplace or cold phase reactions are required, an ice maker is an appropriate choice.

Kalstein brand ice makers

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  • The ice making process is completely computer controlled.
  • Fully automatic control.
  • There are ignition switches and function indicators deployed in the front with detailed instructions.

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