Importance of Microplate Washer for Chlamydia Diagnosis

The microplate washer is a laboratory tool designed to clean the plates that are used to carry out tests of Elisa, in which it is responsible for measuring the parameters depending on each wash and store permanently in the memory of the equipment so that they are selected through the digital keyboard that has integrated the equipment. Thus, the microplate washer performs the cleaning of 96 wells and provides facilities for the classification of measures in compliance with the particular requirements of each wash.

In this case for the diagnosis of viral diseases, acts together with the microplate reader, by methods based on the resistance of the antibodies of the model with the antigen incorporated to the surface of the polyethylene.

Accordingly, Kalstein provides the essential elements of such research, thanks to the technological potential of the Microplate Washer equipment, in addition to its high efficiency of use in laboratories to separate any batch of substances that have remained attached to the equipment.

Integrating Microplate Washer to Determine Chlamydia

To determine the sexually transmitted infections caused by Chlamydia that are considered a very serious problem for public health, because it frequently leaves serious consequences involving the health of the patient and his lineage, in addition to the valuable social projection they have in the socio-cultural environment.

And to do this, microplate reader assays use a serovar containing antigens existing in the virus detecting serological status, used as criteria for diagnosis and replace culture cell isolation, if possible. Microbial sera could have the wrong consequences
Therefore, the force with the antigen are separated by the washing methods, in an extreme step the antihuman globulin parts with the antibody complex, and the one that does not bind is excluded by the washes, the unit awakens with substrate so that reactions blue color, which changes to yellow after the sum of the stopping solution.

Recommendations for use

To comply with the correct processes in the investigation and integration of microplate washer to diagnose Chlamydia, the permanence and use of reagents in aseptic situations must be enforced to eliminate microbial contamination. Do not access the desiccation of the plate between the washing processes and the sum of the reagents. The substrate resource is photosensitive. Prevent light deployment and reject if blue.

Use the necessary amount of washing resource, essence, diluent of precise sera for the test run.

For washing the strips, it is advisable to pre-wash them. In any subject, the strips must be humidified with the washing medium before using the models and have to be drained on the absorbent paper, before performing the tests. If the processes are automatic, the user should do it as follows:

  • Place the number of strips to be studied on the plate.
  • With distilled water, dilute the solutions.
  • For 20 min, mix gently.
  • Before doing so, the solution must be ready and throw away the surplus.
  • Carefully fill each well without exceeding the quantity and avoid spills.
  • Rest the flushing solution inside each well and repeat 2 times.
  • Dry the top of the strips and the structure with absorbent paper.
  • Finally, ensure that wells are suitable for future records and avoid risks.

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