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An ELISA Reader is a specialized spectrophotometer, which is used to read the results of this technique which is used to determine the presence of specific antibodies or antigens present in a sample. These laboratory equipment allows to analyze 96 or more wells with samples, so its use is very favorable to the laboratories, reducing reagents and samples used which leads to a better performance.

The ELISA is a technique based on the detection of an antigen immobilized on a solid phase, by antibodies that, directly or indirectly, produce a reaction whose product can be read by the spectrophotometer. This technique is used for the detection of diseases such as HIV, dengue, yellow fever, Chagas disease, among others in the field of immunology and serology, as well as the detection of hormones and tumor markers.

Types of Microplate Reader a Laboratory May Need

Microplate Elisa Reader YR05127

Windows operation interface, figure button, mouse operation, touch screen. 96-well plate, multiple tests on one plate...


Microplate Elisa Reader YR05128

 8-channel optical system, quantitative and qualitative test. External jet printer, multi-form patient report...

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The ELISA microplate reader is used when reading the results of the ELISA technique, since it has the property of detecting the light emitted by samples that have been pipetted into a microplate, thus determining the presence of specific antibodies or antigens present in a sample. These readers are able to analyze 96 or more microplates wells with samples, being very useful in laboratories, as they allow reducing the consumption of reagents and samples, offering a great yield.

Samples during the ELISA test are placed in specially designed plates (microplates) with a specific number of wells in which the procedure or test is carried out. Generally 8-column plates per 12 rows with a total of 96 wells are used. 

Analysis of the best Microplate Reader for your Laboratory

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Microplate Reader equipment are essential products in a Laboratory, we provide guides and recommendations for better use, so you can work as an expert.

Microplate Reader Benefits for Hepatitis B Screening
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The Microplate Reader is a device designed to perform diagnostic tests applied to the detection of infectious diseases that pose a...

What technology does an ELISA Microplate Reader use?

An ELISA Microplate Reader is a Laboratory instrument that is responsible for detecting and processing biological....


ELISA microplate reader: When do we need to use it?
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An ELISA Microplate Reader is a Spectrophotometer designed to read the results obtained from the ELISA, this technique is used...

What is an ELISA Reader used for?

An ELISA Reader is a specialized spectrophotometer used to read the results of this technique, which is used to determine the presence of specific antibodies or antigens present in a sample....

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