Microplate Washer

The Microplate Washing Machine is a Machine designed to clean the plates used during the Elisa practice, by processes of infusion and suction of the substances or show that they are embedded in the polyethylene support. It has tanks that contain liquids, one of them is in a washing buffer and the other one collects the substances that are discarded.

In the study Laboratories, the microplate washer is part of the research processes, although it does not detect the disease is the complement of the microplate reader and allows the detection of the various diseases yielding guaranteed results. And Kalstein has the team in charge of following the washing cycles for the different practices that are done at the medical and research level.


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   Microplate Washer YR05126

Double plate washing at the one time, high efficiency, Three 10000 ml high strength liquid bottle...


Microplate Washer YR05125

Compatible with Flat, U-or V-bottom plates
Shaking or soaking, time can be adjustable...


Microplate Washer YR05124

 8-well and 12-well wash head One or more strips can be chosen by keyboard directly Compatible with Flat, U-or V-bottom...


Our Best Selling Microplate Washing Machine

โ— 8-well and 12-well wash head
โ— One or more strips can be chosen by keyboard directly
โ— Compatible with Flat, U-or V-bottom plates
โ— Shaking or soaking, time can be adjustable
โ— Waste and lotion and distilled water liquid warning automatically.

Analysis of the best Microplate Washers for your Laboratory

Microplate Washer to Determine Lichen Planus

Lichen planus is a benign disease with clinical and histopathological findings. It has a clear result on epithelial transition...


Microplate Washer to Perform Syphilis Virus Serology

The Microplate Washer is a Laboratory team responsible for cleaning the polyethylene plates used during Elisaโ€™s practice...


Using the Microplate Washer to Detect Omicron Variant

The Microplate reader offers multiple advantages allowing specific quantitative analysis, it is efficient and easy to use...


Microplate Washer for Diagnosis of Viral Hepatitis

To perform Microbiological studies in the Laboratory, Medical equipment is necessary especially for the determination of viral...


Microplate Washers models on sale


Guides to becoming an expert in Microplate Washing Machine

Microplate Washing Equipment are essential products in a laboratory, we provide guides and recommendations for better use, so you can work as an expert.

Benefits of Microplate Washer to Detect Ebola Virus

The Microplate Washer is a Laboratory equipment designed to comply with practical methods where various processes are used...

Importance of Microplate Washer for Chlamydia Diagnosis

The Microplate Washer is a Laboratory tool designed to clean the plates that are used to carry out tests of Elisa, in which it is responsible...

Detect Human Lymphotropic Virus infection

The Microplate Washing Machine is a Machine designed to clean the plates used during the Elisa practice, by processes of...

Importance of Microplate Washer for the diagnosis of Chagas disease

Due to the need to deploy natural processes that discover good relationship with conventional studies used for the determination of Chagas...

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