Operation of Veterinary Pulse Oximeters: A Deep Look

It is essential for any veterinarian to have precise and reliable diagnostic tools at their disposal. One of the most important is the veterinary pulse oximeter, a device dedicated to measuring blood oxygen saturation. Kalstein, a leading manufacturer in the medical equipment industry, produces highly efficient and reliable veterinary pulse oximeters. These devices operate based on a specific scientific principle that makes them accurate and reliable.

The operation of veterinary pulse oximeters begins with what is known as the principle of spectrophotometry. This principle states that different wavelengths of light are absorbed variably by oxygenated and deoxygenated blood. The oximeter emits light at these two specific wavelengths through the animal’s skin and towards a photodiode that detects the amount of light that has managed to pass through.

Application and Measurement Process

The measurement process begins with the placement of the oximeter probe, which is usually inserted in a thin area such as a wing, ear, or tongue. These areas are ideal due to the rich vascularization and the absence of hair that can interfere with the reading. The probe emits light towards the animal’s skin and collects the light that passes through the tissues and blood.

The veterinary pulse oximeters manufactured by Kalstein are equipped with a range of sophisticated technologies that allow highly accurate results in a short time. These devices have the ability to automatically adjust the intensity of the emitted light to provide accurate readings even in variable light conditions. Once the device has obtained the necessary data, a value of oxygen saturation expressed in percentages is obtained.

Veterinary Pulse Oximeters Specifications and Pricing

Veterinary pulse oximeters are available in a wide range of specifications and prices. Ensuring to purchase high-quality equipment, like those manufactured by Kalstein, is essential for obtaining accurate results. The prices of veterinary pulse oximeters may vary depending on additional features, such as OLED displays, Bluetooth connectivity, and accessories. 

As a leading manufacturer, Kalstein offers a range of options to suit different needs and budgets. Buyers can take advantage of the manufacturer’s direct sale to acquire high-end products at competitive prices. This ensures value for the price and also offers higher reliability as there is a direct line of communication with the manufacturer.

Benefits and Considerations of Pulse Oximeters

The benefits of purchasing veterinary pulse oximeters from a reputable manufacturer like Kalstein are numerous. Acquiring high-quality products ensures accurate and consistent results, which in turn leads to proper diagnoses and better animal health care. Also, direct purchases from the manufacturer can offer hassle-free warranties and technical support.

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