Optical Surgical Navigation

A Surgical Navigation System is a Medical team based on the principle of high-accuracy stereoscopic vision, and has now become an essential team for the development of computer-assisted surgery, as they are responsible for guiding the surgeon's movements during surgery, showing the real-time position of each instrument and anatomical structure.  This device enables the use of digital images during surgical procedures, providing surgeons with the opportunity to plan before surgery and to use the instruments effectively during surgery. 

The technologies used in such systems may be mechanical, electromagnetic or optical. The most common are optical devices, and these are classified as passive or active. In the former, cameras can locate specific markers such as reflective targets, particular shapes or colors, while active systems can locate LEDs.

Type of Optical Surgical Navigation System for the Medical Sector

Surgical Navigation Systems YR02143

YR02143 is an innovative computer-aided electromagnetic surgical navigation system, widely used for surgical visualization, planning and navigation to help minimize iatrogenic trauma to surrounding brain tissue and reduce the risk of surgical complications in cranial procedures (such as cranial neurology and ENT surgery).


Our Best Selling Optical Surgical Navigation

  • The DICOM tomographic images captured with CT / C-arm / MRI / fMRI are applicable to the surgical navigation system YR02143
  • The advanced optical tracking system tracks real-time 3D positioning and orientation of active or passive markers attached to surgical tools, providing exceptional accuracy (1.0 mm spatial resolution) and reliability.
  • The method of 3D simulation and modeling of anatomical structures in material (such as skin, skull, brain tissue, or target lesion) can be easily defined for surgical convenience.
  • With integrated navigation probe and advanced optical measurement technology, the surgeon can easily quantify the size and position of lesions, and then design the surgical approach in a scientific way...

Analysis of the best Optical Surgical Navigation System for the Medical Sector

What is an Optical Surgical Navigation System?

A Surgical Navigation System is a device that helps in the planning and execution of surgical procedures...


Surgical browsers: What technology do they use?

A Surgical Navigator is a sophisticated medical team that is employed in precise planning and execution...


What is the function of Optical Surgical Navigation?

Computer-assisted surgery is the use of computer technology to perform and plan a surgical ...


Benefits of a Surgical Navigation System

Surgical Navigation Systems are modern medical equipment that allows visualizing the anatomy of the patient ...


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Guides to becoming an expert in Optical Surgical Navigation

Optical Surgical Navigation equipment are essential in a Medical Sector, we provide guides and recommendations for better use, so you can work as an expert.

What are the parts of a Surgical Navigation System?
- Kalstein

A Surgical Navigation System is an intraoperative imaging-guided localization system whose...

Characteristics of a Surgical Navigation System
- Kalstein

A Surgical Navigation System is a medical equipment that allows to visualize the anatomy of..

What are the advantages of Optical Surgical Navigation Systems?

By using the Optical Surgical Navigation Systems, it allows the development of surgeries by means of...

What are the technologies used in a Surgical Navigation System?

A Surgical Navigation System is a medical equipment based on the principle of high-accuracy stereoscopic vision, and that has currently become an essential equipment for the development of computer-assisted surgery, since they are in charge of the operation of the...

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