Pathological Anatomy

A Pathology Laboratory is a medical service responsible for processing samples from biopsies and cytologies by professionals specialized in the field, for subsequent microscopic examination, interpretation and diagnosis by a pathologist.

In other words, this specialized laboratory is primarily responsible for studying small or large samples of tissues or isolated cells (biopsies and cytologies). Generating reports and records of great clinical importance, which help other medical professionals to prescribe treatments, either medical or surgical.

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Automatic Slide Stainer

Pathological Anatomy is the science that is responsible for the study of pathophysiological and morphological alterations of the disease. Like all science, it has a series of specialized equipment to carry out the different studies on which it is based.

A Tissue Processor is a piece of equipment used in Pathological Anatomy Laboratories to analyze and Process Tissue samples by fixing, staining, dehydrating or decalcifying them. This equipment is designed to process tissues extracted from the body for the diagnosis of pathological processes and to produce samples that can be analyzed microscopically.

Cooling plate

The Cooling process is a fundamental step in any Histology Laboratory, as it is a fundamental procedure for making good quality paraffin block sections. It is almost impossible to make good cuts without doing the cooling process. Using the cooling plates to cool the paraffin blocks creates a drastic improvement and makes cutting much easier. These facts speed up the process and help save time for laboratory operators.


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Paraffin dispenser – YR459

Any histology laboratory should have paraffin wax to carry out the sectioning process so that the laboratory operator...


Automated microtome YR415-1

This machine uses a streamlined design, with advanced features, stable and reliable performance and ease of use...


Cryostat Microtome YR426-1

The YR426-1 Cryostat Microtome is belong to one class medical equipment. It is a device for rapid pathological section analysis...


Cooling Plate YR440A

Fully programmable computer control allows automatic system start and stop anytime (weekly)...

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The YR426-1 Cryostat Microtome is belong to one class medical equipment. It is a device for rapid pathological section analysis of human body, animal and plant tissues. It is widely used in hospitals, medical schools, forensics, animal and plant research units for pathological diagnosis, analysis, and research.

The machine is mainly composed of four parts
  • The upper part of the machine is a microcomputer control part and panel operation, temperature display, and working status display part.
  • The middle part is a low-temperature freezer, which is the part for quick freezing of biopsy tissue and sectioning operation.
  • The lower part is the refrigeration part of the compressor unit.
  • The middle and rear parts are mechanical transmission and motor drive parts.
Scope of application

Cell pathology section, biological fiber section, etc.

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Pathological Anatomy: Microtomes and Cryostats

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Cytology: what is it and what is it done for?

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How does a Pathology lab work?
- Kalstein

A Pathology Laboratory is a medical service responsible for processing samples from biopsies and cytologies by professionals...

Tests done in a Pathology or Histology Laboratory

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Slide Dryer Benefits

The slide dryer is a useful tool for the study of pathology. It is a device used to fix the slides vertically so that they can be observed more easily. This is especially useful when studying tissue samples under a microscope.

Allows slides to be fixed on a stand so they can be placed anywhere and in any position. This is especially useful for studies that contain tissue samples with a high cell density.

Video of our Anatomical Pathology equipment in operation

Its basic function is to be able to meet the requirements of medical professionals in terms of histopathological analysis of the various tissues and the expression in them of the various diseases that affect humans. The procedures carried out within a pathology laboratory are grouped into two distinct phases: technical processing and diagnostic processing.

Pathology Anatomy equipement at work

Currently, pathology laboratories use instruments and equipment that are used to obtain help in the diagnosis of many diseases, including cancer. Among the most used equipment in this science, we have: microtomes, microscopes, tissue processor, tissue water baths, cryostats, cooling plates, paraffin cutter and dispenser, slide dryers, tissue inclusion systems, automatic staining systems for slides, among others.

Thus, the pathologist or pathologist identifies the causes and consequences of diseases that affect specific parts of the body, through microscopic analysis of samples of tissues or cells, previously prepared with special dyes that help identify structural alterations, in cells and tissues, as well as protein or genetic abnormalities.

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