Tabletop High Speed Centrifuge YR019-TG

Manufacturer: Kalstein


It is widely used in the field of clinical medicine, biochemistry, genetic engineering and immunology etc. It is the essential equipment for hospitals, scientific research lab, special for Large-Capacity use.

  • Microcomputer control, brushless drive, programmable operation
  • Metal housing and lid.
  • There is emergency lid release.
  • There are 9 individual acceleration and deceleration stages.
  • Intellectual interface, digital display screen.
  • Stainless steel chamber, anti-causticity force.
  • Equipped with over speed safety device and lid safety device.
Technical Specification:
Model YR019-TG
Max Speed 19,000 r/min
Max RCF 24,540g
Max Capacity 750mlx4
Motor Brushless, Without carbon, DC
Timer Range 0-99min
Noise <65dB(A)
Power Supply AC220V 50Hz 5A
Dimension 710×660×490mm (L×W×H)
Net Weight 60kg
Optional Accesories:
Rotor Type Max Speed (r/min) Max RCF (×g) Max Capacity
Angle Rotor 19000 24540 1.5/2.2mlx12
Angle Rotor 16500 19175 5mlx12
Angle Rotor 15000 23120 10mlx12
Angle Rotor 15000 23120 30mlx6
Angle Rotor 13000 17940 50mlx6
Angle Rotor 16500 26050 1.5/2.2mlx24
Angle Rotor 12000 15805 85mlx6
Swing Rotor 10000 11960 100mlx6

Additional information

Weight 130 kg
Dimensions 66 × 72 × 63 cm



Angle Rotor Max Speed: 12000 Max RCF: 15805 Max Capacity: 85mlx6, Angle Rotor Max Speed: 13000 Max RCF: 17940 Max Capacity: 50mlx6, Angle Rotor Max Speed: 15000 Max RCF: 23120 Max Capacity: 10mlx12, Angle Rotor Max Speed: 15000 Max RCF: 23120 Max Capacity: 30mlx6, Angle Rotor Max Speed: 16500 Max RCF: 19175 Max Capacity: 5mlx12, Angle Rotor Max Speed: 16500 Max RCF: 26050 Max Capacity: 1.5/2.2mlx24, Angle Rotor Max Speed: 19000 Max RCF: 24540 Max Capacity: 1.5/2.2mlx12, No Rotor, Swing Rotor Max Speed: 10000 Max RCF: 11960 Max Capacity: 100mlx6

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