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Researching and developing the understanding of blood reagents for diagnostic use is an important task for the healthcare sector, as this research can help identify diseases early and effectively, providing appropriate treatments for patients with specific pathologies. 

Clinical examination methods continue to improve through scientific development, and the use of specially developed products, such as blood reagents, makes the task of assessing a patient’s resources easier. 

Types of Reagents and Consumables that a Laboratory may need


Protection of hematology reagents is a key issue for laboratories evaluating human specimens in clinical practice; the results of a hematology analysis can have important implications for the treatment of a patient and, therefore, reagents must be protected from false reaction errors.

Awareness of the importance of protecting hematology reagents has increased due to improved understanding of the possible errors that can occur if an inappropriate reagent is used.


The efficiency of the use of laboratory reagents has become one of the main objectives of the research teams in the laboratory reagent industry. Because these reagents are essential to ensure successful experimentation, the need to save costs – that is, increase the efficiency of reagent use – is more important than ever. At a time of such competitiveness, efficiency is not only the key to success, but to survival.


At Kalstein you can find the ideal Reagents and Consumables for your Laboratory

There are an infinite number of models, so it is normal that you do not know which reagents and consumables to buy to meet your needs. At Kalstein, we evaluate them so you can find what you are looking for.

Clinical Chemistry Reagents YRA1 // YRA14

Laboratory chemical reagents are chemical substances used in laboratories to make determinations of the...


Hematology Reagents Package YRA17-1

Hematology reagents are indispensable in the use of hematology analyzer. Hematology reagents include hemolytic agents..


Histopathology Accessories and Consumables Packages YRA18-1

Improve quality, reduce errors, and save time with dedicated plug and play consumables. From glass slides and coverslips to wax and...


Histopathology Accessories and Consumables YRA18

Improve quality, reduce errors, and save time with dedicated plug and play consumables. From glass slides and coverslips to wax...


Our best-selling Reagent

Laboratory chemical reagents are chemical substances used in laboratories to make determinations of the content of other substances, the distribution of the constituents of the sample, to perform analysis, synthesis and finally to be able to do research and scientific work.

The blood lipid elements: TCH, TG, HDL-C LDL-C , APOA1, the APOB, Lp(a), HCY, TIR.

The elements of liver function: ALP, γ-GT, AST, ALT, TP, ALB, TBIL, DBIL, CHE, TBA, safe, ADA, 5′-NT, MAO, AFP, AMM, legs, ALC, GLDH.

Myocardium Zymogram elements: LDH, α-HBDH, CK-MB, CK, MB, ACE, LDHI, TNI, IMA.

The elements of renal function: UREA, UA, CREA, MALB, Cys-C, BMG, NAG, UTP, α1-MG, RBP.

Glyometabolism elements: GLU, SGP, HbA1c, D3H, LAC.

Pancreas elements: α-Amy, LPS.

Pepsinogen elements: PGI, PGI.

Blood gas electrolyte elements: CL, Ca, P, Mg, CO2, Na, K, Cu, Fe, Zn.

Rheumatism elements: RF, ASO, CRP.

The special protein elements: PALB, TRF, G6PD, DD3, C, C4, IgA, IgG, IgM, UIBC, CP.

Inspection of Hemagglutination topic: FB.

Catalog of Reagents and Consumables models on offer


Guides to become an expert in Reagents and Consumables

Reagents and Consumables equipment are indispensable products in a laboratory, we provide you with guides and recommendations for a better use, so you can work as an expert.

How to Incorporate Blood Reagents into Laboratory Tests

Modern medicine is increasingly relying on laboratory test results to provide an accurate diagnosis of diseases, serious and non-serious...

Establishing Special Blood Reagents for Clinical Laboratory

Have you ever wondered how to establish special blood reagents for clinical laboratory use? This is an important question for clinical...

Hematological Reagents for Early Diagnosis of Diseases

Hematological reagents, also known as blood test reagents, are a fundamental tool for the diagnosis of many diseases, both infectious...

New analytical tools in Hematology: Indispensable Reagents

Hematology has become one of the main fields of medical study in the twenty-first century. It is involved in the study and treatment of...

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