Real-time thermocycler: what is it used for?

Real-time thermal cyclers are equipment used in various areas of molecular biology, capable of applying temperature changes that make it possible to carry out the three steps of the PCR reaction in a cyclical manner, describing this process as follows: DNA denaturation , alignment or binding of the primer with the complementary DNA sequence and chain extension.

This real-time PCR technique is required for quantitative analysis of molecular biology, it is used in fields such as scientific research, clinical detection and diagnosis, quality and safety testing, and forensic applications; In diagnostic and research applications, PCR is capable of genotyping, presence/absence detection of pathogens and relative DNA quantification, it is mainly focused on diagnostic-related applications.

Process that performs real-time PCR

The Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) is a procedure that consists of the amplification of DNA fragments through the use of the DNA polymerase enzyme; This enzyme has the ability to synthesize new DNA strands by incorporating nucleotide bases from a known short sequence that hybridizes complementary to one of the ends of the strand.

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Applications of the Real Time Thermal Cycler

As the real-time thermal cycler has a PCR technique, it offers a wide range of applications, both in basic and applied research, the end-point PCR allows the detection and control of DNA fragments of interest such as the cloning technique, directed recombination, among other investigations.

Detailing the uses by fields of applications we have:

  • Medicine: As a diagnostic tool such as: the genotyping of species that cause a certain infectious condition and in the diagnosis of hereditary diseases present in the genome.
  • Paleontology, biological anthropology and forensic sciences: facilitates the recovery of the scarce amounts of DNA that have not yet been degraded.
  • Evolutionary studies: establishes phylogenetic relationships of different plant species, animals and microorganisms.

Recommendations for the use of the thermocycler in real time

First of all, it is required that the samples must be delivered correctly labeled, packaged and conditioned to ensure their identification, integrity and conservation during the transfer and to effectively protect the personnel who transport it. In addition, it is advisable to list the samples, and indicate the name of the sample with its corresponding number.

Each sample, with the PCR mix and the DNA already prepared, will be sent in a well-sealed and properly identified 0.2 ml eppendorf tube; the user will indicate in the LIMS request the volume of the reaction, which must be between 10μl-50μl, and the requested PCR program with its corresponding temperatures and times.

Characteristics of the thermocycler in real time

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  • Convenient and flexible module replacement mode.
  • Large super high definition LCD screen.
  • Intuitive and friendly user interface makes the program easier and faster.
  • Memory function in case of power off.
  • Low noise, low power consumption, long application life.
  • Solemn and elegant appearance, innovative design.
  • Exclusive function of regulation of the heat of the rotating cabinet.
  • Optimal panel keyboard layout for user-friendly operation.
  • The heated lid can be positioned at any angle.
  • Handle-module, safer and more convenient for module replacement, improving exchange efficiency and long service life.

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