Recommendations for the use of Manual Wheelchairs

Wheelchairs are devices that provide support to sit and have mobility on wheels, to a person who has trouble walking or moving. In this way, disabled people will be able to improve mobility, as well as enjoy a dignified life, contributing for themselves to become more productive people, providing personal satisfaction, and demonstrating that there are no limits to be able to interact with society.

In this sense, an appropriate, well-delineated and armed wheelchair can be the first step towards inclusion and participation in society. In this sense, wheelchairs can meet the needs of the beneficiary and environmental conditions, because it offers correct fit and postural support and help safe movement.

Safety Recommendations

Both wheelchair users and passengers should know that they have to take some safety measures for both vehicles and people with whom they share the public road. They are really recommendations for society in general, as we do not know when we will have to take care of someone who goes in a wheelchair. Among them are:

  • Handle the correct paralysis systems, be it a non-slip cushion, adjustable armrest, belt, head restraint, etc.
  • Do not raise or lower ramps diagonally. It is preferable to tilt the body to the higher side of the slope, to avoid the risk of the chair rising.
  • Seeking help when there is insecurity when doing a maneuver with the chair, such as: climbing a sidewalk or transiting uneven ground.
  • It is advisable to bring a toolbox, to make basic and emergency repairs.
  • Try to avoid bus stops where the bus, when extending the ramp, cannot easily approach the sidewalk.
  • In very busy areas, drive slowly and with great caution.

In this way, personal mobility begins with the greatest freedom so that people with disabilities can somehow carry out activities in less complicated environments.

Attention to the Needs of People in Wheelchair

Mobility is something we need, we get up, we walk, we head to the places we want to go. Therefore, when we must help a family member who needs a wheelchair to move, and be able to fully understand the needs of the disabled person. Thus, the following care should be taken:

  • First of all, not all people who use wheelchairs, are continuously in the wheelchair, some change chairs, others are able to walk short distances, play sports, etc. Therefore, it is not always evident that a person has a limitation, for example, people who are sick of the heart or who have a respiratory disease, are also wheelchair users, but for other reasons.
  • Listening to the person in a wheelchair is essential to their care because it can be incredibly broad, as the person can be limited in their mobility at very different levels. So to know his needs, nothing better than to listen to him.
  • In case of traveling by public transport, the user should be located in the space reserved for wheelchairs. In addition, the seat belt and anchorages must be fitted (properly) before starting the ride.

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