Refrigerators and Freezers

There are several refrigeration equipment needed in a laboratory, essential for the conservation and storage of samples, products and chemicals, drugs, solutions, plasma, vaccines and more thermosensitive substances; these equipment are: refrigerators, freezers and ultrabeziers.

The need for this equipment in the laboratories arises from the biological and chemical applications of protecting and maintaining the components of the substances or products to be stored; given the variety of reagents and requirements of these for their conservation, and the optimal temperature for each sample will require the use of refrigerators, freezers or ultrafreezers.

Types of Refrigerators and Freezers a Laboratory May Need

Ultra Freezer

This product is specially designed and manufactured for the long-term storage of various biological products, including viruses, germs, erythrocytes, leukocytes and cutis. Applications can be found in blood banks, hospitals, epidemic prevention services and research institutes, chemical and electronic plant laboratories. Institutes of biological engineering and marine fisheries enterprises.


Malfunction alarms including high and low temperature, power failure, sensor error, clean filter and extremely high ambient, abnormal voltage, thermostat failure, low battery, clean capacitor, half open door.

Medical Refrigerator

Equipped with a full temperature alarm system with an audible buzzer and a visible flashing light capable of warning failures due to a high and low temperature sensor error, door half open, power failure and low battery.

Product Features
  • USB port for exporting parameter information.
  • High efficiency fan that cools quickly.
  • Heated glass door to prevent fogging.
  • The glycerin box accurately simulates the temperature in the cabinet.
  • Forced air cooling with optimized air distribution system designed to achieve maximum uniformity and temperature stability. Optimized cooling system design for more efficient cooling and faster recovery.

In Kalstein you can find the ideal Refrigerators and Freezers for your Laboratory

There are countless models, so it is normal that you do not know which Refrigerators and Freezers to buy to meet your needs. At Kalstein, we evaluate you to find what you're looking for.

-60C Biomedical Ultra Low Temperature Chest Freezer YR05315

Chest medical freezer top open made of sprayed plate steel used in hospital and laboratory...


Ultra Low Temperature Freezer, -86C Very Low Temperature Freezer YR05302

The dual Systemโ€™s microprocessor control with 2 separate interior doors that can be opened independently to minimize...


Blood Bank Freezer With 12 Pcs 304 Stainless Steel Drawers YR05292

1008L blood bank refrigerator with 12 pcs 304 stainless steel drawers , temperature 4ยฑ1ยฐC, Three layer toughened glass door with...


Biomedical Upright Stainless Steel Deep Freezer Adjustable Temperature Range YR05293

Biomedical Freezer Laboratory Deep Freezer -10โ„ƒ To -25โ„ƒ multiple alarms used in hospital and laboratory...


Our Best Selling Refrigerator and Freezer

  • Double-machine cascade refrigeration system using fluorine-free environmentally friendly alkane refrigerant, energy saving 50%
  • VIPIIPLUS second generation vacuum insulation board technology, the refrigerator has good insulation performance, designed for entering the elevator
  • Product structure optimized for biological sample library, can provide storage space of up to 40,000 samples
  • Each component that may generate noise is equipped with special material shock absorbing material, and high-density fire-resistant sound-absorbing cotton is installed around the unit.
  • Microcomputer control, the temperature inside the box is adjustable from -60 to -86 ยฐC, over temperature alarm, power failure memory, and the adjustment accuracy is 0.1 ยฐC;

Analysis of the best Refrigerators and Freezers for your Laboratory

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Guides to becoming an expert in Refrigerators and Freezers

At Kalstein we are manufacturers of Refrigerators and Freezers of the highest quality and that have the best technology on the market, we leave you some blogs to know more about our product.

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What are the characteristics of a Laboratory Refrigerator?

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Video of ours Refrigerators and Freezers in operation

In this section you can find, ours Refrigerators and Freezers in operation, packaged, receiving service, etc...

Refrigerators and Freezers in operation

Reliability and key features
  • Microprocessor controlled forced air cooling with electric heat compensation system.
  • Digital temperature display for the upper and lower sections in the camera with a resolution of 0.1 ยฐ C.
  • It consists of cabinet temperature 2-6 ยฐ C.
  • Integrated high-tech sensors to display and control temperature.
  • Automatic thawing to remove moisture on the cooling surface.
  • Large digital display for easy viewing.
Ergonomic Design
  • Security lock to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Storage space designed to easily classify a variety of blood products.
  • Wheel design and interior light.

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