Use of Oxygen Meters for the Agricultural Sector

Today, for food production in safe environmental environments, oxygen meters are used to ensure crop quality and to unearth the belief that inadequate environments exist and that technology is not suited to recognizing market demands.

To do this, the best ally is the precise information provided by laboratory equipment, and oxygen meters comply with these measures, since they are equipment capable of calculating the oxygen levels of the water intended for cultivation. Without these measures, any decision taken by the farmer can cause the environmental factors to generate substantial losses or gains.

Importance of Oxygen Meters for Planting

The measurement processes have to do with the comparison of physical situations taking reference patterns where variables arise, such as: who performs the measurement, the place, the environment, the calculations and results. That is why measurement mechanisms are important which lead to their own analyzes of measurement.

For this purpose, instruments designed to compare physical capacities are used according to the types of situations. Thus, established units of measures are used as guides within the measurement processes, and in this case for sowing the oxygen meters are the components that will allow to calculate the growth processes and avoid root suffocation using as a base the components that water provides, this being the oxygen vehicle in general.

Therefore, the oxygen meters offered by Kalstein are the most capable, because they provide integral solutions for the records of oxygen, saturation and temperature of wastewater that are part of agricultural processes. This new equipment has automatic reading capabilities, capable of detecting and blocking the end points of measurement reading practices, in addition, these readings are met at scheduled intervals that send the data to a PC or printer, so that the user has the support of the studies. It also has waterproof sensors that can be used in any environment but especially in related environments to measure water quality.

Methods for Measuring Oxygen Concentrations

First, oxygen is necessary for crops and water is the medium that provides the benefits, but there are symptoms that interfere with their properties, for this purpose oxygen meters are the equipment capable of throwing these causes, taking as a reference the darkening of the roots and lack of growth. Some of the measures taken to increase the oxygen content are:

  • Foam
  • Water Boost
  • Air injection movement
  • Nutrient infusion vibration
  • Storage of this infusion by lowering the temperature and developing the solubility of oxygen

For these reasons the solubility of oxygen will depend on important factors, such as:

  • Temperature: As it increases, movements develop within particles within it, where dissolved gasses escape easily into the atmosphere, decreasing solubility.
  • Salinity: The less oxygen space the degree of solubility is lower and these measures must be indicated by the team to fix their effect on the measurement.
  • Atmospheric pressure: this parameter is very important because it will depend on the altitude and the pressure that leads to the partial state of the oxygen, therefore the oxygen meters determine the compensation of the effects of the pressure on the solubility of the same.

To realize and obtain the concentrations of oxygen in percentage, the oxygen meters offered by Kalstein will allow the readings to be stable, thanks to the sensors that reflect the output in mV, allow the user to execute the calibration, facilitating the best practices for the agricultural sector, thanks to the fact that they are resistant to water, they are easy to connect, they fulfill functions of self-diagnosis, making it the ideal equipment for the agricultural sector

Dissolved Oxygen Meters Brand Kalstein

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