Using the Microplate Washer to Detect Omicron Variant

The microplate reader offers multiple advantages allowing specific quantitative analysis, it is efficient and easy to use. However, it should be used after the equipment is fully prepared and sanitized, and the microplate washer is the ideal tool.

This innovative equipment is used to wash microtitre plates. After each test, it must be cleaned with washing buffer, and is essential to have high precision results when performing the Elisa techniques.

For the study processes and to determine the variants of Omicron, the microplate reader meets the required requirements, since they transfer precisely defined volumes directly to the wells of the microtitre plates. Therefore, the washing machine plays an important role, and Kalstein has it, thanks to its high power of analysis allows the equipment to comply with the practices for which it is intended.

General Functions

For the laboratory field, using the microplate reader is the necessary tool to achieve the study processes, transferring defined volumes directly to the wells of the microtitre plate. It also plays a key role in the detection of the Omicron variant, where tests are based on enzyme immunoassay methods that use the patient’s plasma. The samples are deposited in the wells that are contained of viral proteins, demonstrating the results by the processes by antibodies against the virus, these are joined to form complexes and detect the fluorescence markers of the fixed immunoglobulin and thus determine the movement until it is quantified according to the result.

However, in order to enforce this technique, the microplate washer plays a leading role before the test is carried out. By using the equipment correctly, you must enforce the precise washing mechanisms so that it does not alter your results. That said, the user must ensure that no residue has been adhered to the microplate, because it could cause the residual liquid to pass to the pump and cause loss, achieving contamination at the workplace.

Tips for using the Microplate Washer

The analysis and results demonstrated by the team is a non-invasive method that can be used to announce the degree of exposure of contamination to the Omicron variable, and assess the risk of infection of individuals. To do this, the microplate washer is involved in the research process, since it is the team in charge of eliminating any type of substance that alters the results of the study, and to avoid cross contamination must comply with the monitoring of the hygiene of the wells where the samples are deposited, taking into account that the bottles of waste and solutions should not be exchanged so as not to alter the dispensing systems.

Liquid should be avoided on the equipment and when there is a failure in the equipment, it is responsible for issuing visual alarms so that the user knows and must automatically clean any debris that disrupts the practice. It should be noted that the microplate washer is designed to be kept in a state of minimum energy use and does not express echoes when waiting for the performance of any function.

Microplate Washing Machine Brand Kalstein

At Kalstein, we are manufacturers of the best laboratory equipment on the market, we offer the best technology for our users. We have the Microplate Washer, corresponding to the YR series, has agitation systems, volume control, wash cycles, suction modes, rinse time, record information. In addition, it has two bottles of 10000 ml for lotion, one unit for distilled water and another for waste. It has a 7 inch color touch screen, convenient and efficient with low failure rate. SMPS power supply: 110/220Vยฑ10%, 50/60Hzยฑ1Hz. It operates under working conditions with temperature of 5ยฐC -40ยฐC, with relative humidity of โ‰ค80%. Its dimensions are 51CM (L)*51CM (W)*43CM, and it supports the weight of approximately 30 kg.

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