The Viscometer is an essential equipment in the industrial sectors where liquid products are processed and manufactured. It is the instrument that allows measuring the viscosity of fluids and their flow properties. In the industry, these equipments have various applications and can be used in different substances and materials.

On the other hand, viscosity is a significant physical property of most manufactured and used liquids in the industry. It can be defined as the resistance offered by the molecules that make up a liquid, to separate from each other, that is, it is the opposition of a fluid to deform and this opposition is due to the adhesion forces that some molecules of a liquid or fluid have with respect to the other molecules of the same liquid.

Types of Viscometers a Laboratory may need

Small Sample Viscometer YR05865


The digital rotary viscometer adopts coaxial cylinder structure, using small sample...

Brookfield Viscosity Tester YR05860 // YR05864


Test the viscosity of Newtonian and non-Newtonian liquids. 5 Inch Full Colorful Touch Screen...


Lab Rotational Viscometer YR05853 – YR05854


Rotary viscosimeter perfect blend in touch screen technology, with a kind of fashion of modern...


Stormer Viscometer YR05857


The perfect integration of touch screen technology, high technology in a modern....


Our Best Selling Viscometer

The high temperature viscometer adopts coaxial center structure, uses the small quantity sample adapter, each measurement needs the sample quantity to be very small, the temperature control is quick and accurate. Full range, all stop linearity through the PC interface, with different viscosity of standard samples for measurement correction, to ensure that the instrument has high accuracy and repeatability. Wide range of measurements suitable for testing of different materials.

Analysis of the best Viscometers for your Laboratory

What is the Importance of the Viscometer?

The Viscometer is an essential equipment in the industrial sectors where liquid products are processed and manufactured...


How is Viscosity

Viscosity can be defined as the resistance offered by the molecules that make up a liquid to separate from each other...


How is the Viscometer

The Viscometer is the instrument used to measure the viscosity of liquids and their flow properties. It is equipment...


The need for viscometers for food manufacturing

Food manufacturing requires the monitoring of several factors to ensure the standards and quality of the final products...


Catalog of Viscometers models on offer


Guides to Becoming a Viscometer Expert

Viscometer equipment is essential products in a Laboratory, we provide guides and recommendations for better use, so you can work as an expert.

Preventive Maintenance of the Viscometer

Preventive maintenance is what we do to the equipment, on a regular and routine basis in order to ensure its operation...

The Viscometer in the Textile Sector
- Kalstein

Consistent good processability takes precedence over the obvious requirement of an almost identical coating material...

What is a
- Kalstein

It is an instrument that allows measuring the viscosity of liquids and their flow properties. These equipment have various applications ...

Use of the Viscometer for Painting Processing

The pharmaceutical industry faces many challenges, as it must produce drugs with the highest quality standards at prices that are accessible to the population seeking to heal some ailment. In this sense, it is necessary...

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