What are heating plates used for in a laboratory?

Heating plates or plates are small laboratory instruments that have a structure of excellent resistance to chemical and mechanical attacks, as well as corrosion in general, this tabletop device is portable and autonomous, has one or more electric heating elements, allows heating containers with liquids in a controlled way.ย ย 

In an industrial, medical, experimental laboratory it is necessary to use heating plates, to heat the glass material or its contents, they have a power selector that allows to adjust the thermal emission and the time necessary to heat the material, their applications are very varied, but the instructions for use must be met,ย  maintenance and safety requirements to avoid accidents.

Types of heating plates Brand KALSTEIN

  • Heating Plate with Magnetic Stirrer.
  • Thermostatic Heating Plate with Magnetic Stirrer of multiple positions.
  • Hot Plate with Magnetic Stirrer
  • Heating plate with Magnetic Knob Control Stirrer with Stirring Bar.
  • Constant Temperature Digital Magnetic Stirrer with Heating Plate.
  • Multi-position Thermostatic Magnetic Stirrer
  • Magnetic Stirrer Bar with Heating Plate
  • Industrial Magnetic Stirrer Bar with Heating Plate 10L with heating
  • Heating Plate Thermostatic Digital Magnetic Heater and Stirrer
  • Mini Magnetic Stirrer Of Digital Laboratory Heating Plateย 
  • Five-point Magnetic Heating Plate for laboratory
  • Thermostat Water Bath Magnetic Stirrer Mixer Heating Plate

Advantages of using Heating Plates in a laboratory

  • Shakes and heats with precisionย 
  • Provides optimal heat transfer and excellent temperature homogeneity
  • Chemical resistance and impacts
  • There are multi-seat models
  • Very compact and easy to use
  • Aluminum heating plate with ceramic coating for excellent heat distribution and corrosion resistance.
  • Adjustable temperature and rotation speed
  • Digital temperature and speed display
  • Secondary thermal insulation plate prevents heat loss and eliminates heat damage to electrical components

Use of Heating Plates in Laboratories

These are more versatile heat sources in the laboratory, they can be used to heat beakers, Erlenmeyer flasks and various hot baths (water, sand and oil baths); they can also be used to develop planted TLC plates. Ideal for shaking and/or heating low viscosity solutions in chemistry, industrial, quality laboratories, universities and experiments.

Normally in laboratories, these heating plates are used to heat glass material or its contents, accompanied by a magnetic stirrer allows to prepare chemical substances and solutions, extraction by soxhlet and kjeldahl method, drag distillation and simple, determination of boiling point; they are often used in chemistry and biology.

Preventive measures for the use of heating plates in a laboratory

  • Have a suitable installation with differential switch
  • Always use plugs with grounding, avoid the use of multiple plugs.
  • Perform effective preventive maintenance according to the manufacturer’s instructions
  • The user or operator must make use of gowns, gloves, footwear, eye and respiratory protection suitable for the handling of substances
  • If the substances generate vapors, ventilate the area by opening doors and windows.
  • If it is necessary to install a condensation system for the retention of vapors.
  • Do not place flammable chemicals in the appliance that can produce vapors that may burn from proximity to the hot spot
  • Do not bring any chemical to a temperature close to the self-ignition point
  • Do not touch the surface if it has been used before it could be hot
  • Thermal plate and samples reach high temperatures because you must wear thermal gloves or wait for it to cool before taking it.
  • Use only containers suitable for the programmed heat of the heating plates
  • Do not fill the containers to be heated above 2/3 of the volume

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