What are the differences between a mono channel and multichannel electrocardiograph?

The electrocardiograph is a medical team in charge of performing tests called electrocardiogram (ECD), and detect the signals of the heart, and in turn, to diagnose some of the diseases of the heart. This device is essential in all health centers, especially in cardiology units.

However, although within existing computer types, each has different characteristics, among them:

  • Monocanal electrocardiograph, and its function, is to explore by a selected frequency or automatically, the result of a single channel. 
  • Multichannel electrocardiograph, verifies the records of multiple leads during the same heartbeat, greatly facilitating interpretation, and optimizing accordingly the accuracy of diagnosis. 

Different Characteristics of Monocanal and Multicanal Electrocardiographs

These kits provide continuous waveform images, showing one or more leads to diagnose patients’ heart abnormalities and revealing patient trends.

In this case, the multichannel equipment, facilitate and provide interpretation, allowing the comparison of the records of multiple leads during the same heartbeat; as a result, they optimize the diagnostic regularity. 

Similarly, they save time and require less work than single-channel records, which usually have to be cut and assembled before examination by the cardiologist, and can quickly review a simple beat in more than one shunt, unlike multi-channel electrocardiograph, which usually takes little time to accommodate the report. 

With most multichannel electrocardiographs, no cut is needed, because the operator can choose the desired report format before registration. 

How to use the electrocardiograph

Health professionals are responsible for properly manipulating the equipment to measure the cardiac leads of patients, taking electronic signals, which identify the physical variables, resulting in electrocardiograms, through sensors or translators connected to the chest and extremities of the patient.

To carry out the functional methods in patients, the cells transmit electrical potentials (biopotentials). These signals are handled in the medical analysis, during the study of the organism and in assistive devices. Monocanal and multichannel equipment compose the acquisition of these biopotentials, which allow to obtain electronic signals, from the ionic currents present in the body, an analog conditioning stage, which rejects sources of electromagnetic interference and an analog-digital transformation stage. At one or more points, isolation barriers are interspersed to protect the patient’s life. 

Therefore, technological advances are used for the implementation of certain elements to meet, and obtain greater patient comfort, ease of use, and portability. It should be noted that for the use of this equipment, there are minimal risks, where the patient may feel mild irritation in the skin, caused by the adhesion of the electrodes, without risk of electric shock, since these equipment do not emit any electrical shock, which endanger the health of the patient.

Electrocardiographs in Spain

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