What are the types of security storage cabinets that exist?

According to the spaces offered by the security storage cabinets, they provide an effective and accessible solution to store and safeguard chemicals. In addition, they provide protection to users, avoiding contact with the substances contained in them.ย 

In the same way, there are different degrees of safety, construction and uses of storage cabinets, which have different physical characteristics and storage capacity, but each one fulfills the same function.ย 

Types of Security Storage Cabinets

ย According to the different types of security storage cabinets, they are taken into account according to the storage capacity and resistance to the types of chemical products preserved in them, which are:ย 

  • Cabinets for flammable hazardous substances: this type of cabinet is used in laboratories for the safety of chemical products. It possesses highly secure, fire-fighting mass protection features. It has a storage capacity of 500lts, in the case of liquids, and 500lts in the case of solids. Doors must be closed from any position.ย 
  • Cabinets for acids, bases and non-flammable aggressive hazardous substances: It consists of a highly created module, for storing acids and bases, in laboratory furniture for use. It prevents corrosion, spills and vapors, they are prepared for, the connection of a forced ventilation to the outside or recirculation of the air, by means of filters.
  • Safety cabinets for gas cylinders: Generally, they are created for laboratories. Pressurized bottles are stored, with a maximum of 200lt. They contain air supply for maximum connection to extraction systems. And it has warning indicators regarding the existence of the content, that is, signs where they indicate that there are gas cylinders.

In conclusion, safety in a space where the security storage cabinets are located is crucial, and the uses by professionals in advising on their uses are important.ย 

Maintenance of Security Storage Cabinets

ย Storage cabinets are collective protection modules and must be controlled by professionals to achieve maximum performance, through proper maintenance. The cabinets must have specialized technical attention once a year, taking into account the control systems that the security modules have. Also, worn parts must be replaced with others that are original, to result in a duration of approximately 10 years of useful life.ย 

It should be noted that each storage cabinet must have records of controls and maintenance and in this way, avoid the wrong manipulation and even cause damage to its operation, causing irreparable losses.ย 

In the same way, it is considerable to apply certain care of the modules, which are:ย 

  • Basic Maintenance: related to the operation of the doors, hinges, locking systems, closing system (if any), door locking system, correct placement and condition of the anti-fire seals, ventilation openings, grounding connection.
  • Deep Maintenance: It has to do with the analysis of improvements and preventions, which increase the value of the systems and prolongation of use.ย 

Therefore, once the inspections and improvements of the cabinets have been completed, it is recommended to comply with updated protocols, which record these actions by the trained technical personnel.ย 

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