What is a fabric flotation station?

In the histology laboratories, a series of important analyzes and diagnoses are made that depend on the studies of the tissues, an indispensable part of the tissue process is the cut, and this is where the function of this apparatus intervenes since it allows to extend the ribbon of tissue so that later it attaches to the lamellar and to be able to observe the cell or tissue in the microscope.

This equipment is also called fabric flotation bath and is designed to effectively improve the meticulous handling of samples and that these can be passed to sections on slides or slides; this equipment has a tank containing a substance for the fabric to stretch, can be: distilled water, unflavored gelatin, oil, with high and controlled temperatures.

Flotation station of tissues in histology

  • It is advisable to place the flotation station near the microtome in this way to avoid the breaking of the fabric ribbons when making the cuts and reduce the working time.
  • For efficient operation the equipment must be placed on a firm surface because the movement of the floating station causes the fabric slats to stick against each other completely damaging them.
  • The importance of a floating fabric station lies in its function of extending the slats of fabric to later fish them and that these are fixed to the object holder.
  • Specially designed for handling paraffin samples in histology and pathology laboratories.
  • The paraffin section flotation flotation station is essentially a hot distilled water bath floating outwards allowing meticulous handling and placement of sections on glass slides.

KALSTEIN brand fabric flotation station

We at KALSTEIN have a series of tissue flotation stations designed with the highest scientific requirements, to meet the most demanding needs of laboratories of pathology, histology, and research, you can visit us on our website HEREย and deepen the information described below, emphasizing some of the most important characteristics of this equipment:

  • High quality fabric flotation station with keyboard control.
  • Automatic microcomputer memory, LED lighting and digital tube display.
  • Pure green digital display for real-time monitoring of heating temperature, direct and clear, easy to operate.
  • All parameters, including preset temperatures, working temperatures and writing status are displayed in real time.
  • The temperature is automatically controlled by single chip microprocessors made in the United States.
  • This device has several functions and its easy setup operation can meet the needs of different users
  • Low voltage DC lighting system and removable transparent heating plate: easy to operate and convenient observation
  • The new heating mechanism with a high-conductivity high-conductivity heating element provides uniform and rapid heating
  • Controlled by pid
  • Triple temperature controls
  • Long service life, safe, reliable and energy saving.
  • Temperature is precisely measured using integrated temperature sensing blocks made in the U.S., and all configurations are automatically stored in the system
  • Special temperature control and monitoring system characterized by strong abrasion and corrosion resistance to ensure accurate temperature
  • Automatic memory and restore functions: After commissioning, all pre-defined temperature data is automatically stored on the system
  • Temperatures for floating slides and drying are individually controlled.

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