What is a gel photo documentation system?

Molecular biology is a science that has had a great advance in recent years, electrophoresis is a technique commonly used in molecular biology and is based on the separation of molecules according to their mobility in an electric field. This separation can be carried out on the hydrated surface of a solid support, through a porous matrix (gel electrophoresis) or (free electrophoresis). Electrophoretic migration will occur according to the electric charge of the molecules and their mass.

A gel photo documentation system allows you to observe, take photos and analyze the bands of the gels obtained from the electrophoretic runs.

What is a gel photo documentation system for?

Gel photo documentation systems are widely used in molecular biology laboratories, specialized clinical laboratories, and genetics laboratories. They allow the reading of the results quickly, accurately, as well as reducing the probabilities of human error when analyzing and quantifying the results, since it allows observing those bands that are not observed with the naked eye, thanks to the presence of a series of elements that allow capturing the image.

These systems are designed to allow obtaining clear, high-quality images, in order to positively influence their analysis, as well as maintaining a results backup system, which is still essential when publishing the results of an investigation.

By using a filter mirror that prevents the filtration of noise and leakage of UV light, the following operations can be performed such as enlarging photos of gels, storing results, masking, programming, ordering, uploading and printing photos.

The greatest benefit offered by a gel photo documentation system is that it allows to provide results with high quality and in less time than those offered in a common transilluminator.

What is a UV transilluminator?

The transilluminator is a device that uses the principle of UV light with different wavelengths to observe, analyze, and take photographs of amino acids, proteins, peptides and nucleic acids, in agarose gels stained with ethidium bromide from electrophoresis runs.

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