What is the Importance of the Viscometer?

The viscometer is an essential equipment in the industrial sectors where liquid products are processed and manufactured. It is the instrument that allows measuring the viscosity of fluids and their flow properties. In the industry, these equipments have various applications and can be used in different substances and materials.

On the other hand, viscosity is a significant physical property of most manufactured and used liquids in the industry. It can be defined as the resistance offered by the molecules that make up a liquid, to separate from each other, that is, it is the opposition of a fluid to deform and this opposition is due to the adhesion forces that some molecules of a liquid or fluid have with respect to the other molecules of the same liquid.

In the formulation of many materials, the viscosity value is a reference data, because it allows to maintain the consistency of batches.  In the food, textile, pharmaceutical, oil, paint and petrochemical manufacturing sectors, among others, the viscosity value can be used as an indicator of quality.

What aspects of production are favored with the use of a viscometer?

  • It facilitates the control of industrial processes because it allows us to determine, through the calculation of the viscosity, the energy required for the pumping of fluids in industrial equipment.
  • It allows the calculation of the dimensions and capacities required in industrial equipment, such as pumps, pipes, agitators, among others.
  • It provides, through the calculation of the viscosity, support for the determination of the heat transfer and penetration coefficients.
  • It allows, through the calculation of the viscosity, the design of a production process. For example, it allows to estimate the inclination of the pipes in such a way that the flow of the liquid is optimized or to determine the amount of force necessary for the dispensers of the fluid, to fill the packages properly.
  • In the oil industry, it allows the estimation of crude oil viscosity, which facilitates the optimization of the soil extraction process.
  • In the food and beverage industry, it allows the evaluation of the technological properties of starch gums and suspensions, considering different particle sizes, pH value and concentration of ionic compounds, such as salts and sugars.
  • Facilitates the test of gluten development in flour and water batter.
  • It allows to evaluate the dilution behavior of concentrated juices, vegetable products and creams.
  • It facilitates, through the measurement of the viscosity, to evaluate the stability of the phases dispersed in masses, according to the regime and temperature of mixing, concentration of hydrocolloids and temperature of baking.
  • In the construction sector, the calculation of viscosity, allows determining the self-leveling and pumping behavior of a concrete mixture.
  • In the polymer industry, the calculation of viscosity is a measure of molecular weight, reflecting the melting point, crystallinity and tensile strength of the material.
  • It is crucial in the quality control of various products. For example, an inadequate viscosity value of a fuel can affect its ease of atomization in the fuel injector. Likewise, a lubricant that does not meet the quality requirement related to its viscosity will lose its ability to protect an engine. In the food sector, it allows to establish an important parameter of quality, the texture of the food experienced by the consumer. In the ink manufacturing industry, ink viscosity has a big effect on the quality of printing done with it. Moreover, in the cosmetics and personal care products sector, the quality expectation expressed by consumers is linked to products of a certain viscosity. This quality parameter can only be evaluated by the use of a viscometer.

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