What technology does the homogenizer use?

Homogenizers are indispensable elements in any laboratory, since homogenization is a technique widely used in various fields and with various materials, for example, with tissues, food, soil, plants and many others. In fields such as biology and biochemistry, homogenizers are used to break cells and disintegrate tissues, aiming to do the least damage to the plasma membrane. Thanks to its operation, biological samples can be prepared to analyze proteins or nucleic acids, to study cells, pathogens or metabolic pathways, among other applications.

Since ancient times, many methods and equipment have been developed to fulfill the function of homogenizing or disaggregating, one of them is the mortar with mallet, used for thousands of years, in fact, nowadays it is still very common to observe it in laboratories. Other elements, although some less common in the laboratories are the blade grinders, blenders, crushers, among others.


Homogenization is a process through which insoluble substances become soluble suspensions, through a constant process of intensive mixing. The process of homogenization and the emulsion or suspension obtained as a result will depend on the materials to be mixed. In order to perform this technique it is necessary to use homogenizers.

Homogenizers are a type of device used to mix, however, they have so much power that, through them, solid or liquid particles can be broken, in order to create a homogeneous mixture, that is, uniform. Homogenizers available on the market can be of two types, laboratory or industrial, both equipped with the necessary elements to fulfill their function.

Technology used by homogenizers

Homogenizers consist of an electric motor connected to a vertically arranged rubber part and located outside the center. The motor rotates quickly, steadily and in a circular motion when the rubber part is pressed. To perform the mixing process, the test tube containing the sample must be placed on top of the rubber piece and pressurized, the motor movement will be transmitted to the sample and a vortex will be created. Homogenizers must be equipped with the setting buttons that allow to manipulate the speed or other characteristics. They should generally have two functions: continuous operation and pulsed operation, the latter activated when the rubber part is pressed.

Homogenizers are ideal instruments when you want to produce uniform samples for study or when you want to perform cell resuspension to know specific elements. They are very common in laboratories of bioscience, biology, biochemistry, chemistry, medicine and are applied in cell culture, in microbiological studies or simply when you want to make solutions and mix reagents.

Applications of homogenizers

Homogenizer applications are related to the disintegration and mixing of insoluble elements with each other. Among the materials where it is common to use them are particles, pigments, plants, food, chemical reagents, tissues and cells, among others. They are particularly useful in the fields of biology, chemistry and pharmaceuticals, as well as at the industrial level, for example in the cosmetic and food industry. Below are some of their applications:

  • For faster solutions.
  • For making emulsions of mayonnaise and all kinds of sauces and creams.
  • For dissolving rubbers, powders or thickening agents.
  • For the elaboration of hydroalcoholic gels.
  • For dissolving salts, resins, sugars or gases in base liquids.

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