What type of Wheelchair is ideal for patients with sclerosis?

Sclerosis is a disease of the central nervous system that causes disability. This disease causes a person’s immune system to attack the myelin, that is, the protective sheath, which is responsible for covering the nerve fibers, thus bringing problems of communication between the brain and the body. This is a progressive disease, so as it progresses, it will cause permanent nerve damage and deterioration.

Sclerosis, as a degenerative disease of the nervous system, requires the use of a wheelchair, so that the user can lead a normal life as possible. For this reason, the right type of wheelchair must be chosen carefully and the one that suits the needs of the patient, for this it is necessary to observe in detail economic, psychological and physical aspects, so as not to harm the person in the course of his illness.

Wheelchair for patients with sclerosis

The wheelchair is a technical aid that allows assistance and facilitates the independence of a person with some limitation, disability or disease, such as sclerosis. Sclerosis is a disease that directly affects the spinal cord and brain, causing damage to the protective layer of myelin and the material that protects and covers nerve cells.

This disease, over time, produces the damage and permanent deterioration of the nerves, compromising and affecting the mobility of a person. Sclerosis is the most common cause of nontraumatic disability in young adults. Depending on how advanced and how compromised the person’s mobility is, some aspects must be taken into account to be able to choose a suitable wheelchair, these are:

  • It must be comfortable, safe, stable and resistant.
  • Aesthetically pleasing and easy to transport, fold, drive and clean.
  • This is at the request of the patient, that is, that the person demands the use of a wheelchair to remain with his autonomy, or by recommendation of a professional who observes that the patient needs to use one.
  • By assessment, depending on the patient’s condition, for example, their functional capacity in the limbs, if they have spasticity, asymmetric posture, if they have deformities, among others. Assess whether there is good cognitive ability or brain control and good spatial orientation. It is also important to assess the user’s visual ability and skin condition.
  • Prescription criteria, the patient’s anatomical measures should be taken, e.g. knowing the patient’s weight, leg length, and other anatomical features related to the patient’s body. On the other hand, you should take into account the characteristics of the chair such as, the width and depth of the seat, the height of scapula and armrests, and the distance of the footrest

People who suffer from sclerosis are often skeptical about the use of wheelchairs, one of the reasons is the fact that they are afraid of becoming weak and losing the ability to walk, however, it is a professional who must decide what type of support tool should be used. Some wheelchairs commonly used by patients with sclerosis are manual and electric wheelchairs.


The wheelchair is a kind of personal vehicle, which is indicated for people who have a certain degree of difficulty to move, usually due to an accident or illness. To acquire a wheelchair, the needs and degree of disability of the patient must be taken into account, so that it becomes not only a support tool, but an extension of the body that provides comfort to the person who uses it, facilitating their integration into society.

Within the market there is a wide variety of wheelchairs, adapted for all types of people who have problems of locomotion or reduced mobility caused by illness or injury. Some of the most common illnesses that involve wheelchair use are paraplegia, quadriplegia, sclerosis, or some psychological illness.

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