What types of plasma concentrates are available?

Plasma concentrates have proven to be an invaluable benefit for patients with blood disorders; these concentrates are obtained from donated human blood and provide crucial blood components needed for cells, tissue and organs of the body.

Plasma concentrates are instinctively a therapeutic solution for those patients with weak clotting factors; however, an examination will be made of the different types of plasma concentrates that are available.

The main types of plasma concentrates that exist in the world of medicine are

There are 5 types of plasma concentrates available: Fresh frozen plasma, Plasma Protein Concentrate (PPP), Normal Human Albumin, Kininogenase Inhibitor and Saline.

Fresh frozen plasma is obtained directly after the extraction of donated blood and is immediately frozen at a temperature of -18 degrees Celsius; this raw form of plasma contains neither clotting factor nor proteins, like the other types of plasma concentrates.

Benefits of plasma concentrates for patients who need it in their treatments

When the plasma is thawed, the protein can be separated using a specialized column; PPP refers to the protein concentrate provided by a combination of fibrinogen, factor V, factor VIII and fibrinolysis; this protein is intended to help restore the levels of one or more of the weak clotting factors in the body.

Normal human albumin contains between 25 and 35 percent of total plasma-based proteins; this protein is directly aimed at increasing plasma volume and promoting plasma production.

Plasma concentrates have a major advantage in strengthening tissues and neutralizing dehydration

The Kininogenase Inhibitor is a plasma concentrate containing factors VIII, IX and XI; this protein helps prevent and prevent incorrect blood clot formation; saline is essentially a combination of distilled salt water and was designed to neutralize the effects of dehydration.

This solution also serves to strengthen tissue resistance in chronic diseases; there are a variety of plasma concentrates available to treat a wide range of indications, depending on the components present in the plasma.

When sending a treatment, doctors have a variety of plasma concentrates to choose from to suit the patient’s needs

Finally, the five types of plasma concentrates available are fresh frozen plasma, plasma protein concentrate, normal human albumin, kininogenase inhibitor and physiological serum.

These plasma components play a vital role in maintaining a healthy blood system.

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