When is it necessary to use a Moisture Analyser?

The moisture analyser, is a laboratory equipment designed to accurately determine the moisture content of any sample through drying processes, consists of a weighing unit and a halogen heating unit. It works by integral and special devices that calculate the weighing and heating of the samples. Likewise, the proper configuration and use based on the functionality of the equipment, provide strict sample preparation and handling, as well as the configuration and maintenance of the instruments, can help to respond to a quality moisture analysis.

It adapts to the needs of quality control and production in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, among others.

Moisture Analyser Operations Methods

Initially, the moisture analyser works by calculating the pressures of any substance, performing the effective model of values, looking for the proportion of the state of the matter. Likewise, it focuses on catalyzing each of the components or residual particles that enter its space, by means of a bar that dilutes the pressure in a great percentage.

In the industrial sector, several methods are used to determine the moisture content of a particular sample. Thus, the primary method that translates its function is grouped as follows:

  • The sample is placed in a pipe that allows the entry of the substance.
  • By adhering the gas linearly, it is applied so that there is no evasion.
  • The representation of the sample is established as dry, achieving that the analysis results properly.
  • Energy outpourings are used, which place matter in certain values.

In this way, and through the drying process, the loss of mass of the sample is recognized along with the growth of temperature. This involves factors that establish the effectiveness of the process, such as the temperature and the ability of the sample to leave the moisture content, and must be improved during the course of the validation of the moisture analyser or during the validation of new samples

Moisture Analyser Application

The humidity analyser allows the simultaneous practice of two interrelated operations, such as mass measurement and temperature measurement. Such functionality, is desired by numerous experts who manipulate in many of the industrial sectors chemical, agriculture, etc.

In this sense, the humidity analyser is to be used for a fair calculation of the sample weight, where it is necessary to subject it to the adjustment procedure repeatedly within the specified time intervals, taking into account the standards of mass, since the operator must ensure attention to the resolution, also called verification interval or readability.

During laboratory practices, and for some types of sample, through the drying processes of the sample, a layer is formed on the surface, called a bark. This bark prevents evaporation of moisture content, which requires the application of the respective drying methodology. All problems related to the sample, if determined correctly, can be solved by choosing, developing and storing the sample correctly, and by using the drying process designed respectively.

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