When is the use of a wheelchair necessary?

Wheelchairs are equipment designed to assist in the movement of people who have some kind of injury or disease that prevents their movement or that hinders it. For some people it is a technical help that they need all the time to be able to function independently in their daily activities, while for others, it is a tool that they only need for a short time. Whatever the reason, wheelchairs should be user-friendly and tailored to your needs.

Wheelchairs were invented many years ago, it is believed that the first was created to help King Philip II of Spain to mobilize, around the year 1595. However, the first patent as such was registered in 1869, with that invention many models have emerged, for example electrical, transport, for the interior or to rise, all with a common purpose, to allow the independence of users with mobility problems or reduced mobility.

Types of wheelchairs

In order to meet the needs of wheelchair users, there are a wide variety of models on the market, so much so that it can become a problem if you do not know exactly the characteristics of each and what you are looking for. For this reason, if you are thinking of buying a wheelchair it is best to seek information and the help of professionals who advise you. That said, the types of wheelchairs are shown below:

  • Manual wheelchairs: their name is due to the fact that they are driven by the user himself, who must make the rear wheels turn using his arms. They can be folding, for easy transport, or rigid. They are ideal for people who have strength and mobility in their upper limbs, however, for elderly people or with little strength in the arms are not the most ideal option.
  • Electric wheelchairs: these are motor-driven chairs controlled by controls located near the armrests. Some come with brakes for added safety and even voice command, in case you can’t move your arms. They are ideal for people with little strength or mobility in the upper limbs.
  • Bariatric wheelchairs: type of wheelchairs designed for overweight people, can be manual or electric type.
  • Climbing wheelchairs: it is a type of specialized electric chair that allows the user to climb stairs without the need for help, this gives a greater degree of independence.
  • Standing wheelchairs: allow the user to get up and even move while standing. They are very safe and practical wheelchairs to use within the home or in familiar places.
  • Carrying wheelchairs: they are manual, lightweight chairs, ideal for carrying the user, they differ from other types of chairs because in these it is essential that it is pushed by another person.

Times when a wheelchair is needed

People may need to use a wheelchair for multiple reasonsโ€”for example, if they were born with a neurologic or spinal disorder, have had leg injuries, have neurodegenerative disorders, or lose mobility or strength because of aging.

Whatever the reason, it is essential to acquire a wheelchair that fits the user’s needs, since it cannot be viewed as a team, but as an extension of the person’s body. Acquiring the right information will allow the user greater independence, autonomy, improve their mental health and reduce the risk of the person feeling excluded.

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