When should Wheelchairs be used?

The wheelchair is a specialized equipment that helps in the movement for people who suffer from some kind of illness or injury that make it impossible and difficult to move. Depending on the type of condition that the user has, the wheelchair can be a technical aid that allows one to carry out daily activities independently. Regardless of the situation of each person, the wheelchair is a comfortable and adaptable device.

The wheelchairs were invented centuries ago, the first one that was created dates around 1595 and was made to help King Philip II of Spain to mobilize. However, officially, the first patent registered was in 1869, and since that date various models have been born, such as electric wheelchairs, transport or indoor, among others. All the models mentioned above have a common objective, to allow independence and social integration for users with mobility problems or reduced mobility.

When is a wheelchair needed?

The wheelchair is a device created to allow users to move themselves or with the help of third parties. People need the use of a wheelchair for many reasons, for example, if they were born with a spinal or neurologic disease, have neurodegenerative diseases, have had an accident that caused injury to the legs, or are older.

Depending on the condition of the user, it is of great importance to acquire a wheelchair that adapts to their needs, because this should not be seen as a team, but rather as an extension of the body. Finding the right wheelchair will help the user have greater autonomy, independence, mental health and a low risk of feeling excluded.

Types of wheelchairs

The main purpose of the wheelchair is to meet the needs of users who suffer from neurological diseases or have any condition that prevents them from mobility or walking. Within the market, there is a diversity of wheelchair models, this can even be a problem, since, if you do not know precisely what the characteristics and specifications of each are, you can choose the wrong one that does not suit the needs of the person. For this reason, you should have the help of professionals who can offer advice and information for its acquisition. Clarifying this, below are the types of wheelchairs:

  • Manual wheelchairs: this type is driven by the same person, who makes the wheels turn with the help of their arms. This model is perfect for people who have mobility and strength in their upper limbs. However, for older people or people who have little strength, this type of wheelchair is not an ideal option, unless you have help from a third party.
  • Electric wheelchair: This type of chair is driven by motors and controlled by the user by controls located on the armrests. They have brakes and voice command, to opt for more security. This is an ideal option for people who do not have much strength or cannot move their arms.
  • Bariatric wheelchairs: it is a wheelchair created for those who are overweight, it can be electric or manual.
  • Climbing wheelchair: this type of wheelchair allows the user to climb stairs themselves, without the need for the help of a third party, thus making them a practical and safe option that offers greater independence.
  • Standing wheelchairs: help the user stay up and move while standing. They are safe and practical for use in familiar environments, such as the home.
  • Carrying wheelchairs: they are manual and lightweight, perfect for transporting a person. This type of chair is indispensable to be used with the help of a third party to be pushed.

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