Why is a moisture analyzer important in a laboratory?

A moisture analyzer is a measuring device that establishes the moisture compensation of a sample. It works with the dry matter method and consists of a weighing unit and a heating unit (infrared). 

It is also known as a moisture balance or moisture meter. Moisture is all that dissipates with heating. In addition to water, the amount of moisture analyzed includes fats, alcohol and solvents.

This device is one of the most used instruments in the laboratory, along with the granataria balance, the precision balance, the microbalances, the analytical balance and the precision scale.

This device determines the moisture ratio of the samples, according to this result the quality and ability of the same to be stored for more or less time will vary.

Operation of the Moisture Analyzer in the Laboratory

The equipment is developed by thermogravimetric mechanisms, also known as the dry matter principle. Fundamentally, a first weighing is carried out, then the sample is dried and the weight is compared with that before drying. It is understood that the difference between one result and another is the proportion of humidity. In reference to this, the moisture analyzer in laboratories consists of a balance and a heating unit. 

Initially, the moisture ratio is measured, and the initial weight of the sample is recorded; then, using a halogen radiator, heat and dry the sample, while the integrated balance continuously records the weight of the sample. When the sample stops losing weight, the instrument is turned off and the moisture ratio is calculated. Total weight loss is used to calculate the moisture ratio.

Likewise, the proportion and the convenient use based on the functionality of the equipment, provide a beneficial technique, to certify an elaboration and administration of precise samples.

Importance of Moisture Analyzers in Laboratories

The importance of the moisture analyzer in the laboratory is developed from the calibration of the instruments, and measuring the values to be delivered in percentages, so some samples of material with different percentages of humidity are needed, and that cover the typical field of measurement of the application you want. 

In this sense, the samples are analyzed using the microwave resonance method and with an appropriate laboratory reference method. Usually, the humidity of a sample is determined by weight loss after being dried, and sometimes the percentage of water in a sample with chemical processes is determined.

The measuring instrument is calculated by means of a calibration curve from the captured values, microwave resonance measurement and laboratory analysis, converting the values into percentages of humidity. 

According to this, the measurement methods applied in laboratories have advantages, which are: 

  •  It is extremely accurate.
  •   It offers independent density and volume measurement.
  • The measurement is independent of optical factors, such as the color, structure and surface shape of the product. 
  • Determination of moisture on the surface and core of the product.
  • Non-destructive measurement.
  • It does not require fungible elements, such as reagents etc.
  • The instruments are simple to handle.

In this sense, this method is the most precise, requires a long time cycle and will depend on what type of sample is going to be made, taking into account the size of chopping, time, level of working pressure, duration of storage and others that will influence the quality of the work.

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