Electrolyte Analyzer YR05166

Manufacturer: Kalstein

Product Description

  • Automatic electric potential tracking and correcting software to ensure the stable performance.
  • Automatically detect and filter tiny bubbles to avoid clog and ensure accurate measurement.
  • Real-time diagnostic of system working status. Waste liquid automatic detection and alarming.
  • Automatic calibration and two-point correction to adjust slope and intercept.
  • Wave theory flusing method and direct flushing pipe method to avoid block and crossed contamination.
  • Power failure protection to avoid data losing, data storage could be extended to more than 20000.
  • Available to power off any time, therefore reduce reagent consumption, suitable for any hospitals.


  • Simple YES/NO prompted operation.
  • High accurate and long life electrode and TCO2 sensor.
  • Sleep mode to reduce reagent consumption.
  • Rapid test speed of 80 tests per hour.
  • Minumum sample volume is 60uL.
  • Individual reagent to avoid waste.
Model YR05166
Sample serum, plasma, whole blood, cerebrospinal fluid and dilute urine
Measuring speed ≤25s
Analysis Method ion selective electrode (ISE)
Sample volume 60-300ul (item 3 to item 11)
Sample position 35 positions (including 1 QC)
Storage up to 10000 test results
Printer Internal thermal printer
Temperature 5-40℃
Relative Humidity ≤ 80 %
Atmospheric pressure (86~106) kPa
Power supply 220V±20V, 50-60Hz
Power ≤120W
Dimension 380mm*270mm*400mm
Net weight 8Kg

Additional Information

Weight 27 kg
Dimensions 56 × 41 × 51 cm

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