Laminar Flow Cabinet (Double Person) YR05268-1 // YR05269-1

Manufacturer: Kalstein

Product Description

YR series (double people) laminar flow cabinet combined with perfect airflow mechanical design for the operator to create a partial purification work environment so that experiments can be carried out smoothly.

Applicable in the field of protection of biotechnology, pharmaceutical, life sciences and precision electronic products.

Product introduction:
  • Integrated LCD dot matrix LCD display, real-time display the status of lighting, sterile, air flow and other parameters.
  • User-friendly design, with sterilization, lighting, interlock functions to protect the operator from UV light burns and ensure safe operation.
  • Wind speed multi-level adjustable, the air volume can be adjusted according to the user
CLEANFLOW™ clean air technology
  • Centrifugal wind wheel low-power motor, based on airflow mechanics principle, arc-shaped large-diameter inlet design to reduce turbulence generated to ensure low noise operation of the system.
  • Reasonable duct design, optimized net press box, with micro-mesh design layer outflow wind deflector, convex, no dead ends, to ensure the uniformity and stability of the airflow.
  • Standard early-efficient and efficient double-filter, primary filter to avoid airflow dust particles to enter and extend the life of high efficiency filter. High efficiency filter without clapboard HEPA, retention efficiency of 99.99%.
  • According to the customer’s requirements, CLEANFLOWTM series with the vertical flow and horizontal airflow
Technical Parameters
Model YR05268-1 / YR05269-1
Cleanliness Rating The international ISO 14644.1 standard, CLASS 5 (U.S. Federal 209E, 100 level)
Wind Speed 0.3~0.6m/s(Adjustable)
Noise (dB) ≤62
Vibration Half Peak ≤3μm(X、Y、Z direction)
High Efficiency Filter Efficiency 99.99%
Illumination(LX) ≥300
Work Environment Ambient temperature 10~30℃, Relative humidity
below 70%, No obvious vibration and dust around
Overall size(mm)(H×W×D) 1585×1460×735
Inner size(mm) (H×W×D) 500×1300×680
Voltage(V)/ AC220V/50Hz
Power(W) 870
Net weight (KG) 210
Shipping weight(KG) 235
Packing size(mm)(H×W×D) 1030×1650×855

Additional Information

Weight 235 kg
Dimensions 156 × 83,5 × 124 cm

YR05268-1, YR05269-1


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