Pocket pH Tester YR01804

Manufacturer: Kalstein

Certificacion europea


Digital pocket pH meter, Manual Temperature Compensation. The tester comes with a plastic body pH electrode for outdoor applications, accuracy: 0.01pH.


โ€ข BNC connector is capable of connecting the different types of pH electrodes.

โ€ข 1 to 3 points calibration with auto-buffer recognition.

โ€ข Manual temperature compensation allows adjusting the temperature value.

โ€ข Auto-Read function senses and locks the measurement endpoint.

โ€ข Auto-Power Off effectively conserves battery life.

โ€ข Setup menu allows setting the pH buffer group, number of calibration points, temperature

unit, etc.

โ€ข Reset function automatically resumes all settings back to the factory defaults.


โ€ข Water and wastewater treatment

โ€ข Aquaculture and hydroponics

โ€ข Environmental monitoring and other industrial applications

Model YR01804
Range -1.00 to 15.00pH
Resolution 0.01pH
Accuracy ยฑ0.01pH
Calibration Points 1 to 3 points
pH Buffer Options USA (pH4.01/7.00/10.01), NIST (pH4.01/6.86/9.18)
Temperature Compensation 0 to 100ยฐC/32 to 212ยฐF, manual
Hold Function Manual or auto-endpoint
Auto-Power Off 8 minutes after last key pressed
Connector BNC
Display Dual-line LCD (21ร—21mm)
Power 2ร—1.5V AAA batteries
Battery Life Approximately 200 hours of continuous use
Dimensions 175(L)ร—40(Dia.)mm
Weight 100g

Additional information

Weight 1,2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 10 × 25 cm

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