Dental autoclaves: How to choose the right one?

Sterilization of dental instruments. It is a very important factor in dental clinics. This important process is carried out by dental autoclaves, equipment that allows sterilization using steam at high pressure and temperature.

A dental autoclave eliminates microorganisms (bacteria, viruses and fungi) and spores present in dental instruments, coagulating their proteins and thus preventing the spread of any type of infection, and thus ensuring that all the material used in these clinics is sterile.

Before buying an autoclave, the first thing you should keep in mind is that you need a class B autoclave for a dental clinic. These types of autoclaves are the most suitable and recommended for sterilizing any type of dental instrument: packaged materials, textiles, utensils with cannulae and holes or porous fillers.

These equipments allow to sterilize all kinds of batches, including complex batches. It has a fractional pre-vacuum that allows the complete removal of air from the chamber, which makes the sterilization of all types of tools and materials more efficient. When choosing one or the other for a dental clinic, we must take into account the following points:

  • Capacity: Class B autoclaves come in different capacities ranging from 8 liters to 24 liters. The choice will depend on the number of instruments to be sterilized. The more capacity the autoclave has, the more instruments and materials we can sterilize per cycle, but in turn, the more energy will be spent in each sterilization cycle. We must adjust the capacity of the autoclave with the true need of the office, since if it is a small office with a medium volume of work, the ideal is to acquire a medium or small equipment, in order to save money.
  • Duration of the sterilization cycle: It is convenient to check the time that the autoclave takes to carry out the complete sterilization cycle. There are autoclaves that have fast sterilization cycles that save time in the autoclaving process, although they may have a higher cost.
  • Accessories: Class B autoclaves may have very useful accessories in some cases. Autoclaves are easy to maintain and convenient to use.
  • Cleaning: The most modern autoclave models have an automatic cleaning system that facilitates the daily maintenance of the equipment.
  • Guarantee and technical service: It is important that the dental autoclave that you are going to acquire has this premise. Most autoclaves have a one and two year warranty.

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