Last name Kalstein.

Surname Kalstein has its origins in Poland since the eighteenth century, then for a war reasons some members emigrated to Venezuela. Germanía Kalstein procreated María de los Santos, Isidora and Rosa Cristina. For the early nineteenth century, the marriage of María de los Santos Kalstein are born 7 brothers but only survive the three sisters: Catalina Kalstein, Rosa Julia Kalstein and Luz Eugenia Kalstein (the girl from the center that hides a peach during the photo shoot). Only from the latter is born a unique daughter, Irene Maria Kalstein, who gives continuity to the family and thus the perpetuation of the surname.

  1. Germania Kalstein
  2. Isidora Kalstein
  3. Rosa Cristina Kalstein
  4. Maria de los Santos Kalstein
  5. Catalina Kalstein
  6. Luz Eugenia Kalstein
  7. Rosa Julia Kalstein


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