Rotary Evaporator

A wide variety of examinations, experiments and endless chemical, medical and biological procedures are carried out in the laboratories; this characteristic of laboratories makes it essential to use certain equipment to facilitate the activities carried out; one of these teams is the rotavaporador; which are used in different areas and institutions such as: chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, laboratories and hospital sector; they are also used in the manufacture and analysis of experiments to concentrate, dry and recycle. 

The rotavapor is designed to evaporate organic or aqueous solvents; these equipment have a sample rotation system, revolution control and a thermoregulated bath to keep the sample at a controlled temperature; these characteristics of the apparatus make it indispensable in laboratories to be able to handle certain samples and to be able to extract from them important aspects such as solute separation, extract aromas from the samples, separate low boiling solvent.

Types of Rotavapors a Laboratory may need

Rotary Evaporator YR02306

It is suitable for evaporation, distillation or chemical separation experiments. It usually works with a water circulation vacuum pump and recirculation cooler as a complete system to meet experimental and production requirements.....


Rotary Evaporator YR02307 // YR02310

The large capacity, wide aperture flask provides a larger evaporation surface. The evaporative flask continues to spin when constantly heated by a water bath, and the solvent evaporates more efficiently under vacuum conditions. Can be used for.....


Our best-selling Rotary Evaporator

  • Patented technology of double sealing of Teflon(PTFE) and FV rubber ensures the negative pressure level.
  • Automatic switch valve makes continuous collection possible without affecting vacuum degree and without stopping distillation.
  • Teflon discharge valve is corrosion resistant and contamination free.
  • Water bath jacket protecting operator from scalding by hot liquid.

Analysis of the best Rotary Evaporator for your Laboratory

What is a
Rotary Evaporator?
- Kalstein

A Rotary Evaporator is Laboratory equipment designed to facilitate the evaporation of liquids at high temperatures....


Maintenance of Rotary Evaporators: how to extend the service life?

Rotary Evaporators are an essential part of laboratory equipment, and their proper maintenance is crucial to ensure optimal...


How can the Rotary be used to purify organic compounds?
- Laboratory

At Kalstein we have the ideal Rotary Evaporator, commonly used in the Laboratory to distil or purify liquids...


Rotary evaporators and Occupational Safety standards and best practices

A Rotary Evaporator is a machine used for the evaporation of liquids under low pressure. It is used in the Laboratory...


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Guides for you to become an expert in Rotavapors

Rotavapors are essential products in a Laboratory, we provide guides and recommendations for better use, so you can work as an expert.

Rotavapor why is it fundamental in a Laboratory?

A wide variety of examinations, experiments and endless chemical, medical and biological procedures are carried out in the laboratories; this characteristic

Why is it better to use a Rotary Evaporator to distil volatile liquids?

A Rotary Evaporator is a common Laboratory device used to remove solvents from evaporative samples. They also...

The Rotary Evaporator in the Biology Laboratory

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Rotavaporator: What is it? What is it for?

A Rotary Evaporator is Laboratory equipment used to remove or recover solvents at low pressure. This instrument is used to evaporate substances through the distillation process, to later be condensed and finally separated into its components one by one, thanks to its specific boiling points.

Video of our Rotary Evaporator in operation

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Process of using a Rotavapors

In chemistry laboratories, it is very common that reactions, experiments, chemical or even biological procedures are carried out continuously, so it is necessary to have at hand specialized equipment that facilitate the tasks to be performed daily, one of these instruments is known as rotary evaporator or rotary evaporator, widely used both in chemistry laboratories, as in the pharmaceutical industry or in the hospital sector.

A rotary evaporator is a device designed to remove organic or aqueous solvents from chemical samples through evaporation. This instrument has certain characteristics that make it an attractive and indispensable element in any laboratory, for example: it allows to control the temperature at which the sample is stored, solutes can be separated, aromas can be extracted and also, separate solvents that have a low boiling point.

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