Differences between spectrocolorimeters and colorimeters

Today colors play a fundamental role in our lives. However, unlike other parameters such as weight or length, there is no physical scale for measuring color, making it nearly impossible for people to respond in kind when asked about a specific color.

With the introduction of color measuring devices such as colorimeters and spectrocolorimeters it became possible to give a numerical value to the color, these equipment are key alternatives of precision for measuring and evaluating the color, however, these types of instruments have more specific differential characteristics for one or another technical application. In this article we will explain in more detail the main differences between both teams.

Characteristics of a colorimeter

A colorimeter has several characteristics such as having first a reasonably low price compared to spectrocolorimeters, a compact size, greater mobility and simple operation. Colorimeters can easily determine colorimetric values under a simple illuminant and are used primarily for reflectance measurements. But, a colorimeter is not an appropriate device to carry out complex color analyzes such as metamerism and color strength. The advantages of using filter colorimeters are the reduced measurement time, ease of use and relatively low costs

Colorimeter components include sensor, filters and simple data processor; in color measurement, the sample is illuminated with a light source adjusted on a given illuminant. The reflected proportion of this light is dispersed with three filters in red, green and blue light. This process is comparable to the functioning of human sight. The filter feature simulates the three different types of cones. The numerical data thus obtained represent the absolute colorimetric measurements and the color difference between the color standard and the color sample to be compared with that standard. These colorimeters are mainly used for quality control, and with them it is verified if the measured values are within the permitted tolerances.

Characteristics of a spectrocolorimeter

Spectrophotometers are more precise and sophisticated color measuring equipment than colorimeters, which are considered especially useful instruments for performing more complex functions such as color quality control, color formulation, specification of standards and tolerances, communications along the supply chain. There are table models, for quality control and research in laboratories, and portable models to carry out works in the factory or field of study. However, spectrophotometers can be more expensive than color meters.

Spectrocolorimeters are characterized by color measurements across the spectrum. They measure the total reflectance or transmittance of an object along the total spectrum of visible wavelengths, from 400nm to 700nm, these instruments analyze the reflected or transmitted radiation of a sample for each wavelength

in the visible spectrum range. In small increments of 10 or 20 nm they are able to measure the photometric properties of the sample either for reflection or transmission and determine its colorimetric functions. Between sample and receiver is the so-called monochromator. This device is responsible for ensuring that the reflection or transmission values can be captured with the specifications above. These equipments have the great advantage that they are able to determine the metameric effect related to two types of illuminants.

Applications specific to these computers

When purchasing a color measuring instrument it is important to always take into account the accuracy we need to measure each color, especially when we will use them in specific applications.

Colorimeters are commonly used in production and inspection processes for color difference measurements and color chart measurements. Spectrocolorimeters are used for the most accurate analysis and precise color management, carried out in research and development laboratories.

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